Silicon Valley Power Field Workers Reach Safety Milestone

Silicon Valley Power (SVP) field workers perform tasks needed to keep the local electrical grid up and running reliably including power line, power pole and substation maintenance and repairs, power outage response and services to business and residential customers whose electric service requires attention from their utility

The 1,000th day without a mishap was December 3.

“Workplace safety is our highest concern,” said David Padilla, SVP Transmission and Distribution Division Manager. “While every member of our field staff is responsible for keeping that in mind, it really takes a team effort to make it happen. Concentrating on the job at hand while looking out for fellow workers is a very effective way to avoid mistakes and accidents on the job.”

“Electrical safety for utility workers and local customers has always been our first priority in the municipal utility industry, and Santa Clara customers should be proud of this accomplishment by their city-owned electric service provider,” said Michael Hyland, Senior Vice President, Engineering Services of the American Public Power Association in the Washington, D.C. metro area. “Silicon Valley Power’s mark of over 1,000 days without a missed work day due to accident or injury is very impressive and speaks well for the training provided by SVP to workers and the workers’ own attention to detail while doing their jobs in Santa Clara.”

SVP provides power to the nearly 54,000 residential and business customers in the City.

Pictured is SVP Electric Utility Lineman Lington Gordon.

Silicon Valley Power is the trademark adopted for use by the not-for-profit electric municipal utility serving residents and businesses in Santa Clara for over 100 years.

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  1. Congratulations to all the linemen for such a great record! I know the work you do can be very dangerous and most people take your jobs for granted, so keep up the great work! There are people who appreciate the work you do!

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