49ers Report

49ers Report

Periodically, we’ll update our readers on what Santa Clara’s most prominent corporation is up to off-the-field.  We think most readers can follow the team’s on-field activities through sport pages and sports shows. So we’ll focus on the front office and community.

The Search for a New Coach

Jed York fired Chip Kelly (or as Miles Barber calls him in his columns: Skip Kelly). The team is looking to hire their fourth coach in four years. Everyone they’ve interviewed so far has taken a job with another team or withdrawn their name, except the Falcons’ Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan is young and good. As the last man standing, he’ll ask for lots of money, and lots of control no doubt.  So Jed will be paying three head coaches next year. Is this why they need to lower their stadium rent?

The Search for a New General Manager

Jed York fired Trent Baalke, too. By most sports columnists and fans’ accounts, this was long overdue. Sports blogs think that they may have a hard time finding someone for the GM position because of Paraag Marathe, the Chief Strategy Officer.  Here’s what Pro Football Talk says:

Throw in the perception/reality that Paraag Marathe will be involved in football operations (and possibly negotiating contracts), and more of the finalists for the G.M. job could decide to pass, in the same way that Packers executive Eliot Wolf has done.


We’ll keep an eye on this search, too. If former Santa Clara city manager Julio Fuentes gets hired, we’ll be the first to report it.

The Lawsuits Against Santa Clara

Just to remind our readers, the 49ers have ask for arbitration to reduce their rent. This is not a lawsuit but could lead to one. We hope not.

The team also sued the city about claims of breach of contract regarding the management of the stadium. They want the court to order the city  to say that the 49ers are not in breach. In wrestling, this is like Kurt Angle twisting Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ankle until he cries uncle.

Scott Herhold of the Mercury News thinks it’s a bad marriage:


We’ll keep an eye on the court cases, too, and let our readers know if anyone files for divorce.


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  1. Hey, good call. If they hire Julio to be GM there will be high rise apts on the side lines. Okay, you have to know Julio an Santa Clara to think that’s funny.
    The more I learn about 49er management the more it seems that a new owner is what is needed. Reminds me of draining a swamp.

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