Fighting a Bully/Publisher, the Community Rallies

Fighting a Bully/Publisher, the Community Rallies

By Robert Haugh

Since I reported that Miles Barber of the Santa Clara Weekly filed a lawsuit to try to bully and silence me, the community has rallied. As of this morning, almost $4,000 has been raised in less than one week! That’s 40 percent of the money I need to hire an excellent first amendment attorney.

I’m grateful that people care enough about me and freedom of speech to give what they can.

For those who haven’t given yet, I ask you to help me reach a March 1 deadline. I want raise an additional $2,500 in the next 48 hours. That will allow me to start the process of hiring the attorney and preparing a response to the Miles Barber lawsuit.

It’ll also send a message. Please donate now:


With your contribution, you’re not supporting just me, you’re fighting a local “playground” bully who has tried to bully or intimidate others, too. Here are some of Miles Barber’s lowlights:

  • He attacked candidate for Police Chief Pat Nikolai personally by writing “The Chief is being challenged by a sergeant who never finished college.”
  • He degraded several Santa Clara Council women, writing they “can’t spell their own names”
  • He wrote that Mayor Lisa Gillmor “invents non-existent facts” without actually providing any evidence she does so.

If you want to donate anonymously, you can do so. You may also contribute offline. You can message or call me.

This is urgent. This is important. Please give what you can. We are fighting a playground bully. Donate now:

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