City Council Preview

Council Preview

By Robert Haugh

One of the biggest issues being tackled at this week’s City Council/Stadium Authority meeting will be the Levi’s Stadium contract with Landmark Event Staffing in relation to security services. Last week, the Council voted to approve a one-year contract not the five-year contract with additional option years that 49ers/ManCo wanted.

The matter was first scheduled to be discussed in a special CC/SA meeting last night, because the team doesn’t want the shorter term. By press time, unfortunately, we don’t have details. The meeting was not streamed on the city’s website.

This is a fierce 49ers vs. union battle.  Yesterday, South Bay Labor Union’s top official, Ben Field, gave us his opinion.

It’ll be quite interesting especially since there is a “major” event this Saturday, April 22. We are betting that ManCo will find a way to adequately staff the event regardless of the debate over the contracts since we’ve heard no info about cancellation of the event. We, like some on the dais, wonder why these contracts were brought to the SA just before a major event.

Expect a few fireworks on this matter. Vice Mayor Dominic Caserta is the swing vote on this item. Does he side with the unions or the 49ers? We’ll let you know tomorrow.

El Camino Real Focus Area Plan

An agreement is being proposed that’ll authorize up to $910,000 to Raimi + Associates Inc. to prepare an El Camino Real Focus Area Plan and EIR (Environmental Impact report). They seem to have extensive expertise in urban planning, in particular with environmental sustainability such as LEED-certified building. This may be a final nail in the coffin for many large-scale developments such as the massive Mariani development project.

Convention Center and CVB Operating Model Plans

The Council may approve $170,000 to Jones Lang Lasalle Americas, Inc. to initiate engagement of stakeholders and to develop a plan for a new operation model for the Santa Clara Convention Center and the Convention-Visitors Bureau (CVB). The Chamber of Commerce has a vested interest in this, as does the CVB, who currently work under one arm of the City. Will either or both have the same role in a new operation? We’ll find out in about a year.

Got Cricket?

Cupertino resident Rhiannon Paterniti is requesting the City extend its goal of “enhancing community sports and recreational assets” to address a need for more cricket facilities. Cricket is an international sport and utilizes many fields in Santa Clara, including at Wilson School. It’s clear that the City needs more sports and recreation facilities … but where?

Police Matters

Santa Claran Chip Cassin has requested discussion on how Police Department criminal matters are handled. He is requesting the City look into better de-escalation techniques. This has been a national story and we’re interested to see how this plays out in Santa Clara.


  1. Almost a million bucks for an El Camino Plan! How about putting that money into El Camino potholes instead?

    • Worst yet, the money comes from ABAG and is expected to recommend high-density on El Camino.

  2. Perhaps Domic will recuse himself due to 49er donations to his Board of Supervisors campaign.
    Yes, I am assuming they donated and that Dominic would do the right thing.
    But, there is a good chance unions have donated to his campaign too, so he could double recuse.
    But if we start recusing, just due to conflict of interest, we would have no votes at all.
    Just saying…

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