Your Favorite Local Spots – a Poll

Your Favorite Local Spots – a Poll
We would like your thoughts and comments.  Here’s a few questions. You may answer here, or submit answers via e-mail to

Best restaurant?

Best coffee shop?
Best gathering spot?
Best shopping destination?
Best pizza?
Best park or playground?
Best place for ice cream?
Favorite bar/nightlife spot?
Best Italian restaurant?
Best sushi?

We will consider doing features on places most mentioned by readers. 

Thank you for participating. We will compile the results and share at a later date. 


  1. Coffee shop – Chromatic Coffee on Stevens Creek Blvd at Lawrence Expressway, followed by Voyager Coffee on Stevens Creek Blvd. Great coffee and pastries, comfortable surroundings with decent lighting. These places are what a coffee shop should be. There should be more of them .. These two places can get crowded because people would rather stand up and wait for a spot than go to the usual chains.

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