Council preview – Surprisingly no 49ers Discussion

Council Preview – Surprisingly No 49ers Items Scheduled By Robert Haugh
Tomorrow evening’s (June 13) City Council meeting looks like it’ll be pretty routine, with few expected fireworks.
Money Matters – Budget Hearing

The Council will host a hearing on the operating budget ($728,856,031); Capital Improvement Budget ($126,964,298); Housing Authority Budget ($143,126); and Sports and Open Space Authority ($2,406,868) budgets.

Project for Public Spaces will present their findings and recommendations related to public Visioning Workshop held on March 25 regarding the 90 N. Winchester site (fka BAREC). There’s a lot of interesting information, including case studies of placemaking in other areas.

The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce Convention-Visitors Bureau will make a presentation on operation of the Santa Clara Convention Center. The Chamber proposes an operating budget slightly under $1.5 million.

Fireworks Grant
The City will approve receiving a $2,500 grant from the County to help with costs of the July 4th all-City picnic and fireworks event. This seems like pocket change.

Compared to previous council meetings, there’s not much of controversy. This meeting will be more like if Hulk Hogan and John Cena battled against one another in the ring.

POST-Article additions:

Thanks to community activist and Charter Review Committee member Hosam Hoggag, it was pointed out that a myriad of items with $14.5 million being approved for various projects and items is buried in the consent calendar.

Here are some of those items:

13.A.9 – $3 million to be transferred to an insurance provider;
13.B.3 – $232,000 for 911 dispatch communications systems;
13.B.6 – $400,000 to upgrade the audio/visual equipment in Council Chambers;
13.B.7 – $140,000 added for IT outsourcing services- raising the contract from $260,000 to $400,000.
13.B.8 – $5.3 million for a five-year contract with a tree service cutting company;
13.B.9 – $1.1 million for code enforcement outsourcing;
13.B.11 – $310,000 – sweeping services for the Convention Center with a five-year term;
13.B.12 – $1.3 million – parking services for the Convention Center – five-year term;
13.B.13 – $1 million – pressure washing services for the Convention Center – five-year term;
13.B.14 – $1 million landscaping services for the Convention Center – five-year term;
13.B.15 – $836,000 – security services for the Convention Center – five-year term.




  1. Scott makes a lot of sense. We don’t have a lot of land. Let’s not waste the opportunity.

  2. It’s really sad that after 12+ years for the BAREC project that most of the great aspects of the Win6 magic has been washed away. We are largely left with a slightly greener and warmer version of 900 Keily.
    As if this weren’t bad enough, they couldn’t even do green roofs! Nor extensive use of best practices with other working gardens.

    Lastly, the City of Santa Clara’s negotiation skills were seriously lacking yet again as they could not get the land the Veterans Center was on and find a way to use that and find an even better win for the Veterans!

    Such potential… such a sad “shell” of the original vision was left.

    Will PPS save the day on this or is this simply more public relations and “Lip service” from the City leaders to push yet another big development down the throat of Santa Clarans?

    Please come to the meeting and demand that this not be “lip service” but restore most of the “magic” back into the former BAREC site!

    (and make it less tall in some cases on the western and northern part of the projects near the homes on Worthington Circle.

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