Massive Mariani Development Project Hires New Consultant (OPINION)

Massive Mariani Development Project Hires New Consultant

By Robert Haugh

Kevin Moore, a former Santa Clara City Councilman, has been hired by Lou Mariani to help his floundering effort, the massive Mariani’s development project.

Moore tells us that he’s a consultant who is helping Lou Mariani with “community relations.” Moore couldn’t say what community relations activities he’s done so far. However, he says he is working to bring a “much better project forward that meets the needs of the community and its heritage.”

He started working for the project within the last couple months, he says, which was after Mariani let Miles Barber go as his lobbyist. This is like if Hulk Hogan were to replace Barry Horrowitz on wrestling card. It’s likely for the best. 

Although he’s currently not lobbying for Mariani, he will not rule out lobbying for the project in the future. 

Moore is a registered lobbyist for 10 clients, according to the Santa Clara City Clerk’s office:

  • AllVision
  • LeEco
  • Barry Swenson Builder
  • Ensemble Investments
  • Irvine Company
  • Santa Clara University
  • Lamb Properties
  • Republic Properties Corporation
  • LPMD Architects
  • DeAnza Properties (form amended and added May, 2017)

We’ve previously reported that Barber was the lobbyist for the massive Mariani’s development project. Barber and his paper, the Santa Clara Weekly, have written about project many times without disclosing this important fact to their readers. That’s a breach of journalistic ethics.

We still hear that the massive Mariani development project is DOA because of intense neighborhood opposition. They make a strong case that it’s bad planning. If it’s approved, it may lead to a big time neighborhood and voter backlash. The project certainly needs “community relations” assistance. Perhaps there won’t be as much opposition if a better project comes forth. 

We think Moore will do a much better job of communicating about the project to us and others. When new information about the Mariani project arises, we will share it. 







  1. Lou is like the monkey with the candy jar. He put his hand in the jar and grabbed so much candy he can’t get his hand out of the jar.
    If he let go of even half the candy he could get his hand out, but he has 96 units/acre in his hand and can’t bring himself to let go.

  2. A good start would be to be straight about what the plans are.
    Kevin Moore will have his work cut out for him and communication won’t help. When you have a bad idea that will be destructive for the people you are trying to convince your only options are misdirection, obfuscation and avoiding the truth.
    They should break down and do something that won’t be destructive to the neighborhood.

  3. I heard there was a survey team out on Bowe Ave the other day. With a better pitch man who won’t yell at people that disagree, is there any chance of getting this part stopped given that Mariani owns most of the properties east of the creek and there is no one to the west that is directly impacted?

    • John, there is little chance Lou will wake up and propose something less than 96 units/acre for the first step anytime soon. He is obsessed with this and needs to come back with something less damaging for the neighborhood.

    • Let me rephrase. Is there any chance of getting this stopped given that it doesn’t face anyone’s driveway directly? It’s going to turn Bowe Ave into a shooting gallery for those of us who live in SCHP and this will be the absolute worst of it. The order of people caring about those around them from most to least goes homeowner, renter (apologies to the long-term renters in the area who respect the neighborhood), hotel occupant and this will create daily opportunities for accidents for us. But I have the distinct feeling that the planning commission will look at all objections to this and give us the finger.

  4. I can’t imagine how much money Lou Mariani has wasted on that old curmudgeon Miles Barber. The word on the street is it was $10,000 a month. Not a lot of value. That’s Miles.

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