Why is the Santa Clara Weekly Covering Up Its Tracks on Stadium Audit? (Opinion)

Why is the Santa Clara Weekly Covering Up Its Tracks on Stadium Audit?

By Robert Haugh

The Santa Clara Weekly now has an “Editorial Board.” Congrats.

At first we thought this unnamed and mysterious board was Publisher Miles Barber and Reporter Carolyn Schuk because the board writes about the same topics that Barber and Schuk do: mostly anti-Mayor, pro-49ers, and pro-development – including the Mariani’s development project that Barber was a paid lobbyist for until recently.

So we thought maybe the dynamic duo is trying to get an extra check out of the Weekly. (Note to Miles: you have the checkbook). Or maybe they want to be Santa Clara’s Santo and Blue Demon, two great masked wrestlers who hid their identities.

But now we’re not sure. After reading last week’s editorial, we don’t think the Santa Clara Weekly Editorial Board even reads its own paper. Here’s an example: last week’s editorial about the Harvey Rose audit on Measure J and stadium operations.

The editorial states:

This report is supposed to be so secret that the Weekly has attempted to get responses–including the 49ers’– to it, but were told that those documents are also confidential because they reference the report.

Huh? The Editorial Board didn’t read Barber’s column where he writes:

Now, it is the 49ers turn. In a 10-page legal response, ManCo, our Stadium Management Company, has decimated the conclusions of the HMR audit.

(Note to Editorial Board:  talk to the publisher or at least read his columns. He has the “so secret” 49er response).

The Weekly’s Editorial Board then suggests that the San Francisco Chronicle got a copy of the audit before they did:

The Weekly did not have possession of the full draft audit until after the Chronicle story was published on June 12, 2017.

Huh? The Editorial Board didn’t read Schuk’s scoop LINK that was posted to the Weekly’s own Facebook page on June 8, four days before the Chronicle story.

Weekly story re Audit on Facebook
We read it and gave Schuk credit for the scoop, a day later, June 9, although the story had lots of big errors.

We then reported on the Chronicle story on June 13.

Seriously, we’re not sure what’s happening with the Weekly and their desire to cover up the fact that they’re getting leaked information. We wish we were so lucky. (Note to sources: help).

Either they don’t read their own publication, or they’re covering their tracks to protect their source. (Note to 49ers: the Weekly is sloppy).



    • Not sure … Wish I had sources to leak me the draft audit report. Guess I’m not special enough haha

      It should be soon though.

    • Was there an update on that HMR audit confidentiality last night? Whose call is that, the Council/Stadium Authority or the City Attorney’s? Did item 19A pass, upping the legal representation budget for the 49er “arbitration” to $1.5M?

    • That passed unanimously, though there was question of where the money comes from in the SA budget. No update on the audit last night. If not next week, we are in suspense until at least August …

  1. Lance? Seems like it’s Dominic writing these allegations himself and using a “pen name!”

    Notice that he is deflecting attention away from the article and the observations and opinion of an experienced, trained and well respected journalist.

    Dominic attacks those that disagree with him. This is exactly what “Lance” is doing.

    • I know Dominic and Lisa well. By the way Dominic teaches right now at Foothill College…I am not Dominic so funny…

    • Hey, you are correct. Caserta teaches one summer class at Foothill College … On Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.

    • Oh so Lance isn’t Caserta you are a joke Robert…and you allow people to post it even without proper names a joke!!!

    • Actually, that person did comment with a name and email address that is verified …
      No one can confirm who “Lance” is, maybe you can just tell us?
      You have yet to present one iota of supporting documentation to your claims made about Lisa Gillmor …

      I allow comments from everyone, especially those who are verified.

  2. Robert all three are true ask Lisa to respond and cc me in the email? You won’t get toke thousands of dollars from developers, admirers violating state law and has millions in real estate holdings mostly in SC…email her to respond prove me wrong pls…

    • I’m not going to cc anyone in an email that I don’t even know. You aren’t even sharing your name … Funny you mention $1,000s from developers … others in SC have solicited big money from developers as well. Lisa works for/manages a real estate management company, right? So I’m sure she has properties in and around Santa Clara. That’s no different then when other council members worked for/in real estate. Some even worked for Gillmor. lisa has recused herself from votes/items pertaining to properties that may have a conflict of interest – Even when the city attorney has said it not be necessary.

      Please share some supporting evidence or information to your claims. You have only insinuated allegations, yet provided nothing in support.

    • Robert simply ask her did she violate state law and give cash to candidates? Did she raise thousands of dollars from developers this last election? You email people all the time be a reporter?

      I promise you and your readers you won’t do this! Hack! Hack! Hack! Prove me wrong pls…you ask people questions all the time you are a reporter right? Do your job then…and investigate…you won’t because it is your bread and butter Lisa Gillmor you won’t even have this pass through moderation…

    • You are funny. I’m the owner and only moderator to this site … No one has control to edit/delete/moderate the site except me.

      Yes, I am a reporter and I do ask questions very frequently to a number of people and sources.

      there’s ample reports on political donations and contributions in the 2016 election? Developers played a huge role in the election, as did several local political action committees. Many of which Others you speak highly of have received and asked for money from as well.

    • Simply verify these claims by asking Lisa directly Robert do your job as a reporter

    • You obviously have never been through journalism training. You would know that before approaching a subject with questions about allegations, you would have supporting information from reputable and verifiable sources.

      If you told me someone was having an extra-marital affair, I would not approach that subject until I had first had at least some support to that happening. You don’t ask someone about an allegation that has no merit behind it. Maybe if you provided some more details, used a real name and didn’t resort to name-calling and making claims about the author of this site, your claims would have more merit. Feel free to disclose your sources and provide some support to your claims.

  3. Robert how can you be independent when you solicit money from people?

    The answer is you can’t!

    You are an ambulance chaser howling at the moon…

    • I solicited money for a legal defense fund. contributions were limited to $2,000 or less. I have ethics, integrity and a strong background in journalism. Others have no integrity or ethics. Keep in mind, elected officials have and continue soliciting hundreds of thousands from developers, labor unions and other special interest … I raised an entire $8,500 give or take to battle a frivolous lawsuit against me (for a web sure that I receive absolutely zero revenue from or for and do as a labor of love).

      You have your pre-conceived opinions about me – fine. Unlike other local “reporters,” I do not personally endorse candidates, nor have I ever given any contributions to any candidates. No one is perfect. Even the best journalists have a little iota of bias and personal feelings on topics, especially those close to them.

      There will always be those that freely speak to me, and others that avoid me like a plague. I’ve had a pretty proven record of maintaining a good relationship with the majority of council members, mayors and city staff over the years. I’ve always shared information and allowed council people opportunity to respond to allegations and to comment on issues of concern in the community.

      Perhaps you don’t like that I criticize people you are close too? Perhaps you just don’t like me. I don’t know you, and in all my years reporting in the mission city, I’ve never met “Lance Lunes” and no one else seems to have met this mysterious man either.

    • I agree with Lance. We should judge a person’s independence by how much money they solicit. That’s why I’m voting against Dominic Caserta who has been like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to money. His reputation is horrible. He’s in the pocket of the 49ers and developers. He’s the worst.

    • The same Dominic Caserta that was voted Teacher of the Year two times in a row by his students at SCHS and the same guy that stands up for wrong families? And won a community hero award recently? Really…

      Hmmm maybe you mean Lisa Gillmor who extorted developers in funneling money this last election cycle or the Lisa Gillmor that has made millions on her inside connections or the Lisa Gillmor that admitted in Court to give cash to candidates that violated state law?

      Pls only one person has profited on public service Lisa Gillmor.

      Let’s see if Robert let’s these honest statements pas through moderation doubt it cause he is in the bag for her!

    • Notice readers Robert will not ask Lisa if these three charges are true and he is independent I think not or he would ask her…

    • I never said I wouldn’t ask lisa questions. I said I wouldn’t CC an anonymous person that no one knows.

      I gather substantive information from
      Legitimate sources prior to asking subjects questions about major allegations such as what you make. You fail to point out when these things allegedly occurred, nor give any evidence supporting your claims. You haven’t provided one example that supports your claims. I use due diligence in reporting. I don’t ask questions based on allegations made by an anonymous source …

    • So you will or won’t ask Lisa if these statements are true Robert? Simple yes or No???

    • If I am given some supporting documentation and information to substantiate your allegations, yes, I’ll ask questions of Lisa. This far, you’ve only made allegations with zero supporting information. Not even a link to any other report on the claims you make.

  4. I like Robert’s opinions. He provides a real service to our community. Keep up the good work. I stopped reading the Weekly over a year ago. They don’t even deliver regularly. Their writing is terrible. Their opinions are ridiculous. Thanks for pointing it out, Robert.

  5. Thanks for continuing to get the truth out to the Residents.
    Not many know that the Santa Clara weekly is NOT affiliated with the City of Santa Clara and has very strong political ties. These ties don’t typically consider the residence and push big business like the Niners and building high-density housing wherever they can. They seem to be supporting selling what’s left of Santa Clara too large corporations.

  6. And you Robert are in the Bag for the appointed mayor and always anti niners, police chief, chamber and three council members. What is your point? You write in an echo chamber what a joke!!!

    • You obviously don’t read this site, except when it pleases you to attack me as a person – i.e., when what I write doesn’t suit your personal opinion or agendas. If you read the site regularly, you’d know that the Police Chief was given space to defend his position on a topic addressed here … By the way, I criticized most of the Council members you are referring to very recently – including Mrs. Watanabe about comments pertaining to free tickets … (and she subsequently responded explaining her position and what her intent was). I strive to present information that is likely unavailable in other places – because I care about Santa Clara. I was born and raised here, and lived in the Mission City for much of my life. If you don’t like the site, why do you spend so much time commenting here? Just saying … Maybe there’s another media outlet that caters to your personal taste and opinion? Anti-Chamber? That’s laughable. I have shared information on Chamber events and have even written quite positively about the Convention Center as a premier venue multiple times. By the way, where has the Chamber CEO been during Charter Review Committee meetings? I will criticize the Chamber when I see fit – such as when self-dealing policies and other things that don’t appear to benefit the City as a whole appear. The Chamber does do great things, but also has some peculiar activities … Thanks, as always for being a loyal reader and always providing your opinion. Still curious what your full name is and what you have personally done in Santa Clara …

    • Pls show me one article just one where you are critical of Gillmor just one! And I guarantee you won’t respond to this moderation because you can’t as you are so in the bag for this appointed hack!

    • I was critical of the Mayor for pulling an endorsement by text. Perhaps you should provide some reasons and supporting info on what I should be critical of … I’m not “in the bag” to anyone. I’m an independent voice and I Strive to present several different viewpoints. I haven’t seen much criticism of the mayor by her peers or constituents … Only by certain media outlets. When there are legitimate reasons to criticize Mayor Gillmor, or others, I will do so. I’ve also criticized Teresa O’Neill Also. You can find the articles on this site. It’s not hard to do a search by tags …

      Thank you as always for you comments. Notice your voice isn’t edited here and I allow for comments and criticism.

      It’s really ironic that you comment within moments of articles being posted. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to my work and efforts.

      Ps – I don’t hide under an alias like some people that post here.

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