Santa Clara Connections: Don Rocha – Candidate for County Supervisor

Santa Clara Connections: Don Rocha – Candidate for County Supervisor

By Don Rocha

My name is Donald Rocha and for the past six and a half years, I’ve served as a city councilmember.  I’m currently running to represent District 4 on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

Let me tell you about why I’m running for Supervisor.  My service as a public official comes from my desire to serve the community where I have lived for my entire life.  I grew up in Santa Clara County as the son of two teachers.  They worked in local schools, helping to build our community by educating the next generation.  I started a family in 2001 and as I have watched my kids grow up, I feel compelled to follow my parents’ example of public service.  I ran for a seat on the San Jose City Council because I want to help ensure that our kids can grow up in a community with the same high quality of life and the same access to opportunity that we have all been blessed with.  After serving two terms on the City Council, I would like an opportunity to continue that work on the Board of Supervisors.

Don Rocha

In my time at the City of San Jose I have tackled quite a few thorny issues, from regulating out-of-control marijuana dispensaries, to reforming the pension system, to increasing funding for an under-resourced park maintenance division.  On controversial issues there can be many competing voices, some of them very loud, but I always try to stay centered on the reason I ran for office in the first place.  I think of the people I see in our community every day: the parents working two jobs to pay the rent and provide for their children; the elderly person who relies on a City lunch program for nourishment and social connection;  the young kids I see when I coach my three kids’ sports teams, full of energy and promise.  These are people who may not show up in the Council Chambers when an important decision is about to be made, but I always try to think of their interests, focusing on serving the public as best I can.

It is my belief that my background and experience is one that separates me from other candidates, and therefore provides me the unique qualifications that would best serve your community and its residents. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

Editor’s Note: Don Rocha is one of several candidates for the Santa Clara County Supervisor District 4 seat (currently held by Ken Yeager) that serves Santa Clara. He is a San Jose City Councilman. He submitted this to Santa Clara News Online.




  1. I have known Don Rocha for over 20+ years. When I worked with Don at San Jose City Hall when both Don and I were staff for different San Jose Council Members, I found Don to be someone with a high degree of integrity, someone who will be honest with you on how he feels and is voting on a particular issue, a person with an excellent work ethic, and someone who will want to gather all the facts and information on a topic before voting on it.

    As a San Jose City Council Member, he takes community input very seriously. Don will make an excellent Board of Supervisor, and he has my full support.

    Thank you Don, for all you have done thus far for our community. I look forward to working with you in the future for the betterment of our County!

  2. I am voting for Don Rocha for BOS because he is the best choice for the job.

    Over these past 6-7 years, I have worked with him on many things from crime prevention, illegal fireworks, at risk youth, homelessness in our area, vigils for victims of violent crime, and for families of homicide victims, the lack of Police and Fire, rent control and affordable housing, he hosted a BBQ for our Police and Fire Fighters to show them appreciation for their service, supports women’s rights, immigrants rights, and takes all points of view into deep consideration before voting on an issue.

    I am currently working with him on a development issue that our community opposes. He was more than happy to meet with me and several neighbors, business owners, and has agreed to speak at a community meeting that will be set up by my neighbors to discuss this proposed project.

    Don strongly supports our US Veterans, people with disabilities, seniors, and our youth.

    I may not have always agreed with him on how he votes on issues but he at least listens, and cares about my and our community’s opinion on projects or matters that we feel strongly about. He’s straight forward about why he votes the way he does, and is not beholden to any special interest group/s.

    Please contact him and talk with him like I did, prior to voting for another candidate. You won’t regret it!

  3. In looking at the various candidates, Don Rocha is far and away the strongest candidate for the “normal” citizens.
    Not just the developers and a sports team. His article here was a good 60k foot view. I’m looking forward to 10k and ground level views about how he can help Santa Clarans.

    On the City of San Jose City Council, only Don Rocha and Ash Kalra fought for the residents and small businesses. Oliverio acted like he was for the little guy, but that was not always the case. He was usually for himself. Such as a Road Diet that was not well thought out/outreached properly as well as having weirdly chummy relationships with certain developers.

    Thanks for having these articles directly from the candidates. It’s a wonderful election education resource!

  4. Rocha seems like a decent guy and decent choice for supe, maybe a bit run of the mill is all. I would like to see someone with a stronger vision for SCC take the seat. Right now I do believe that is Ellenberg after reading about each candidate in their own words. Still a long time to decide and never know how things can shake out by election day.

  5. The case against Caserta is easy peasy.

    1. BAREC — took $$$ before the vote from developer
    2. Curfew — votes with 49ers, and takes their $$$ too
    3. Voted against increase $$$ for affordable housing because developers hated it
    4. supporters all major developments that hurt neighborhoods, and takes lots of developer $$$ …

    The other candidates should write this list down and let voters know it.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! I’m happy to have choices other than Caserta who has sold out Santa Clara big time. He’s in the pocket of developers and 49ers.

    I like Rocha and Ellenberg. But Baker and Oliverio seem like decent people too.

  7. Thank you for publishing information about candidates in their own words. It’s good to know we have good options to represent us on the Board of Supervisors.

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