Another Levis’ Stadium Concert Blows Past Curfew

Another Levis’ Stadium Concert Blows Past Curfew

Stadium Does Not Empty Quickly – Loitering, Trash an Issue

By Robert Haugh

Coldplay violated Santa Clara’s 10 p.m. weekday stadium curfew last night at their music concert. The band started playing at around 9 p.m. and stopped playing around 10:55 p.m.

The 49ers who manage the stadium said days ago that they would do nothing to enforce the curfew and said Police Chief Mike Sellers was responsible.

Santa Clara Police Chief Mike Sellers

Sellers was spotted at the concert, but did not take any action to enforce the curfew.

According to our sources, police officers at the stadium were given no specific instructions to enforce the curfew. Sellers did not respond to email questions when we asked him earlier yesterday if he had warned the team or the concert organizers to respect the curfew.

We visited the concert area in the Northside to see how quickly the crowd dispersed after the show ended. With helicopters circling above, lights shining bright and late-night fireworks, last night’s Coldplay concert irritated Northside residents.  Here’s some video:

Congestion leaving Levi’s stadium (note this is traffic coming from Great America Parkway, toward 101, only way to access Great America Parkway was via exiting the parking lots of Levi’s Stadium)

Helicopter circling after 11 p.m.

The end of the concert at around 10:55 p.m., including fireworks:

What we saw was in contrast to what 49ers executive Jim Mercurio said at the Sept. 26 Council meeting: “we can probably exit that stadium in less than 30 minutes,” for Non-NFL events.

The stadium did not empty within 30 minutes. It was closer to 90 minutes. Crowds of people were still around the stadium and the adjoining neighborhoods at around midnight.

We have heard reports from residents and business owners of lots of trash (mostly bottles and cans, and even dirty diapers!), loitering, public drunkenness, graffiti, urination and defecation following events. That’s a an issue for local businesses as well as residents that we’ll address in the future.



  1. What the Hell? The 49ers have the SCPD Chief do their bidding for years and now that 49ers throw the SCPD Chief under the bus? What a bunch of cowards those jerks are. The 49ers knew what the rules were, tried to get them changed and had been pushed back several times legally.

    Yet the 49ers still flip the City of Santa Clara and it’s Northside residents the BIRD time and time again. Now they blame the SCPD Chief (who seemingly is on the 49ers payroll at times). What a classless bunch of charlatans these senior 49ers executives are.

    Are these the worst owners in the NFL?

  2. And don’t forget — the 49ers and cASSerta (+ Kolstad + Mahan) agreed to the 10pm curfew! Can you say bait & switch? Kick them ALL out …

  3. Wow! A shocker! The 49ers Mafia of shstever they want! The former Interim City Manager did nothing about the Curfew and the Police Chief gave more excuses.

    When will we take our city back from the crooks and those that have been corrupted?

  4. Not that Dominic cares, but the news reported it took an hour and a half to get everybody out of the venue as well as helicopters buzzing around.

    Manco has to go. This would never happen in the private sector. This monstrosity is in our backyard and we should manage it!

  5. And we really surprised? This reminded me of the joke, “What does a Rent-A-Cop say to make someone stop? “Stop, or I’ll say Stop again!”.
    I want to ask a simple question again, who is managing who? Are we going to let our tenants continue to manage our City? Having placed the Fox in charge of the Hen House was not a good idea from the start. Simple fix, obvious fix, ManCo has got to go.

  6. It’s unfortunate the Council didn’t come up with a escalated curfew violation. That could have generated some good money rather than just bad feelings. We need to take a stronger stand against the 49er management.

  7. Can’t believe there are people in Santa Clara that think this is perfectly fine and we should do more of it. And the locals are just being picky and selfish.
    what a crock.

  8. This is unacceptable. Isn’t the Police Chief’s responsibility to enforce the law. What if a bar did the same thing? Would he look the other way?? But if he won’t do his job, he should go. Don’t change the curfew. Change the management.

    • Yes, time to get rid of Manco. It was foolish to use a 49er company anyway.

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