Dull Meeting Welcomes New City Manager

Dull Meeting Welcomes New City Manager

By Robert Haugh

It was a dull city council meeting last night, even though 49ers exec Al Guido was in the room.  But he was just there to receive a plaque from the Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends. The team, along with other corporations (Intel, Irvine, Kaiser, KeyPoint Credit Union, SummerHill Homes and Yahoo), made financial contributions. We’re a little surprised Guido didn’t ask the council to change the library hours to stay open until 11 p.m. on weekdays or else famous musicians won’t want to check out books in Santa Clara anymore.


The most time consuming topics of the council meeting were a minor modification of an existing accessory dwelling on Las Padres Blvd. and an ordinance regarding massage establishments.

The council unanimously approved extending the timeframe for massage establishments in Santa Clara to meet new possible requirements. The council asked staff to thoroughly research what levels of regulation should be required for such businesses.


  • City manager Deanna Santana has hit the ground running. She’s been actively engaged and involved in the community, attending several events since she started last week. She also launched a weekly city manager blog. We applaud a city manager who wants to inform and engage residents. It’s been awhile.
  • The Stadium Authority meets next week and Councilmember Kathy Watanabe wants to discuss some measures to protect neighborhoods from the impact of concerts. She also mentioned there were numerous complaints relating to last week’s Coldplay event. Apparently, she’s not getting her info from the City’s Community Relations Manager Jennifer Yamaguma who said the city only received six complaints after the concert.

If that were true, Guido should get another plaque.



  1. It was the first meeting in months that Dominic didn’t act like a fool. His outbursts, tantrums and leaving early when he doesn’t get his way are so fun to watch. If not for the high costs and time it takes to have him removed from his seat he would be gone.

  2. 6 complaints? That’s a ridiculous statement. I know more than a dozen people who live on the Northside and complain about every concert.

    I don’t live on the Northside. But I heard the fireworks at the Coldplay concert.

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