Happy Anniversary, Santa Clara News Online

Happy Anniversary, Santa Clara News Online

By Robert Haugh

It’s been a year since I started this site. That’s right, it’s been 365 days. That’s about 260 columns, but who’s counting.

Santa Clara News Online was started to provide excellent coverage of major political and policy issues in Santa Clara, report local news accurately, timely and independently, providing unbiased news that matters to people. By the response of readers and the community, we’ve succeeded.

Here’s some numbers that might interest you, as of yesterday:

  • 105,259 site views
  • 27,152 unique visitors

I’m especially proud of the people who are reading. There’s a lot of folks inside Santa Clara City Hall, neighborhood groups and Levi’s Stadium who are regular readers and sources. They’ve given me great feedback and some excellent column ideas this past year … and some I’m still working on. A local elected official told me that by noon every day, most City Hall leaders have read and discussed Santa Clara News Online.


What are my favorite columns from the past year?

Fighting a Bully and Winning — this announced how we beat Miles Barber and his frivolous lawsuit against me and free speech.

Other News Outlets Are Catching On to the Wrestling Match Between the 49ers and City of Santa Clara — this was an early story about the struggle of the city to manage the 49ers and not be managed by them.

The Mission City Has More Than We Know — Santa Clara has entertainment options and this site has will continue to spotlight them.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: City Council Highlights — Most readers love the city council summaries, especially the ones where Dominic Caserta erupts. This column revealed Caserta was paying back the city after we reported that he was booked to stay at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (a.k.a. Ahwahnee Hotel, $564 per night and higher).

My least favorite column?  That’s easy.

NEWS FLASH – Patrick Nikolai Predicted to Upset Police Chief Mike Sellers — Blew that one. But it was the closest police chief race in Santa Clara history and the incumbent won by an embarrassingly close margin and it was weeks until the winner was known.

Defending the Site Against a Bully

I’m also really grateful that when this site came under attack from Miles Barber, publisher of the Santa Clara Weekly, the community rallied. We raised $9,000 to fight a frivolous lawsuit against free speech and defeated a bully in court.

Now, Barber is appealing, even though the judge made it pretty clear that his case has no merit.

But the community is rallying again to fund my defense of the appeal. I’ve raised, $1,195 to date, with pledges of an additional $1,200. If you can help, please contribute at my GoFundMe page or contact me directly to send a check.

You’ll join the list of people standing up to a bully. Together, we’re likely to win — again. And the excess funds will be given to Santa Clara charities.

I feel good about the next year for Santa Clara News Online. The community is reading, commenting and contributing. That’s what keeps me going. Thank you.



  1. Happy Anniversary Santa Clara news. This is the only place to get real Santa Clara news. Robert, you’re awesome!! Thank you!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Robert. This is a great forum to
    stay to up to date with what is happening in Santa Clara.
    It is also where Residents (voters) can see how city council members vote on specific issues pertaining to our fair city. We need this kind of transparency to determine which elected officials care about the City or their own agenda.

  3. Congratulations, Robert. I read you every morning for my Santa Clara news update. I’ve stopped reading everything else because the writing is bad or the articles are biased. Or the damn paper litters my lawn without my permission. Keep up the good work.

  4. Keep up the good work…enjoy it every day! Hope you will be able to write a great article on when Santa Clara gets its ‘Downtown’ BACK!!!!

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