Fighting a Bully – The Fight Continues

Fighting a Bully  – The Fight Continues

As faithful readers know, I won my legal fight against Miles Barber a few months ago. He tried to intimidate me with a lawsuit and silence what I was writing on this website. But I won. And free speech won. And the community won.

Unfortunately, the fight is not over. You see, Miles is now appealing the verdict. My legal victory was really clear, but I don’t think Miles wants to accept it.

So, I need your help again. The community rallied so that I could effectively stand up to Miles’ legal bullying the first time. We won together.


Judge Mary Arand granted our special motion to strike the complaint under California’s Anti-SLAPP statute, finding that Miles’ complaint was aimed at my free speech and that Miles could not produce sufficient evidence to show he could prevail. Most legal experts don’t think he has any chance of winning on appeal. I don’t either. You can read an objective analysis from a free speech website that concludes the same thing.

But my challenge is coming up with the funds for the appeal process. So, I have to turn to the community again. I’ve started a GoFundMe page for the appeal. I ask that you help as much as you can. If you can match your contribution from the first legal fight, that would help immensely and I would greatly appreciate it.

Santa Clara News Online was started to provide excellent coverage of major political and policy issues in Santa Clara, report local news accurately, timely and independently, providing unbiased news that matters to people. I want to continue to do that. But I’ll need your help. I hate asking for money. But I believe in what this website represents and I know a lot of you do as well.

You can contribute any amount. I’m personally limiting contributions to $2,000 because I don’t want to be to be influenced by any major donors — or have readers think I am. You can contribute online or by check (email me for address info). I’ll honor anonymity because I know that’s important to some donors.

Again, I appreciate your support.

NOTE: Contributions are NOT tax-deductible. All donations will be deposited in a separate account created for legal funds. Any excess funds raised will be donated to nonprofits serving Santa Clara.


  1. Unfortunately the old creep has nothing better to do. The curmudgeon knows he’s losing his Mojo. After crapping in the bed with a Mariani project a lot of people have distanced themselves from him.

    Miles has lost his juice.

  2. How did Miles make his money before he wasted all of the money on the Santa Clara Weakly?
    That paper is a waste of trees. I can’t believe that trees are sacrificing their lives and their sequestered CO2 is being released in the air to become ignored on people’s driveways and on the bottom of bird cages. At least the
    bird cages are useful outcomes for that rag. The biased articles from their main reporter of the City Council beat are blatant in their 49ers bias and the Milestones should be called Brownnoses.

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