Welcome Back Patty Mahan

By Robert Haugh

It’s a New Year. We’re starting with some good news on the health front. Councilwoman Patty Mahan had successful surgery and is well on her way to recovery. We welcome her back.

Here’s a timeline of her recovery:

December 5, 2017: Mahan dramatically announces at a city council meeting she is going in for surgery the next day to remove a cancerous tumor from her spine.

December 6 – Mahan provides more details on social media: “Today is the day I go in for my surgery, after a tumor was discovered on my spine. Thankfully, the tumor is not impinging on my spinal cord, but the vertebrae is more than 50 % gone. The surgeon will scoop out the tumor and screw in rods above and below the T-6 vertebrae that has been affected. So I will set off airport screening alarms from now on. What fun!!”

Unfortunately, she takes a political swipe at Mayor Lisa Gillmor on Facebook by writing this response to former Mayor Jamie Matthews who wished her good health: “So good to hear from you! Would love to get together and chat. A lot to talk about. I SOOOOOO wish you were the mayor right now.”

December 7 – Mahan announces her successful surgery: “wake up from 6 hour surgery and could wiggle my fingers and toes. Which means the spinal cord wasn’t involved with the tumor or the surgery! Good news!”

December 13 – Just a week after surgery, Mahan attends SCU’s Catala Club tea fundraiser. “After being cooped up for a week between the hospital and home, attending the Catala Club Christmas tea was an absolutely lovely treat!”

December 22 – She then attends the Soroptimists’ Christmas event at a private residence.


December 23: Mahan shares more great news. “Good news! I had a PET scan yesterday and waiting for the results was worse than waiting to find out if I passed the bar….luckily I didn’t have to wait long. My radiation oncologist called me this morning to tell me the scan was clear except for one small spot on my spine that we already knew about. And that will be taken care of with radiation.  So I live to fight another day! I am so grateful for the prayers, thoughts, cards, flowers and support of all of you during this latest challenge.  I know you all helped give me strength and courage. This is one fight that can’t be done alone.  So many, many thanks to all of you.  Have a Merry Christmas. I just got the best Christmas present.”

Mahan hasn’t shared updates since then. We hope her recovery continues to go well as she begins another round of radiation therapy.


  1. We don’t need Jamie Matthews. We need to continue to sweep out the corrupt ways of Matthews and the 49ers. Mahan is coo coo for cocoa puffs.

  2. My neighbors and I have dealt with Ms. Mahan on a zoning issue. We found her to be a run-of-the-mill politician. Even when she didn’t know what she was talking about, she pretended like she did. She also seems to have a mean streak so I’m not surprised at her “swipe” at Ms. Gillmor.

    All that being said, I certainly wish her good health. Perhaps she will have some greater perspective this year, too.

  3. Happy New Year Robert! Thanks for a great year and looking forward to another.

    It’s great to hear Patty is doing well. I’m not really comfortable with cancer becoming a lobbyist. I feel this is appalling and dangerous as it could backfire. Sad and misguided. Life is more precious than politics.

  4. Wow. Mahan made a big deal about some texts written about her cancer and now she is on FB after having serious surgery putting down Gilmore? Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? Unreal. Happy New Year, Robert. Glad your back.

  5. It is always good to hear about people wining the battle over cancer, if not the war.
    But I have to say, there are many of us that are very glad Mathews is NOT the current mayor for many reasons. Maybe she can share why he left with no notice after what is considered a major political victory. A successful super bowl, as typically measured, is a major reason to stick around and bask in the glory.. His abrupt departure is still a mystery to us rank and file.

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