Stadium Authority and Joint Council Meeting Preview: Community Room, Food Scraps Recycling & More

By Robert Haugh

The first Stadium Authority meeting of the year only has a few items, but is combined with a regular Council meeting.

A Stadium Authority study session will provide updates on community engagement issues relating to Levi’ Stadium. Among the issues to be tackled include noise, traffic, flyovers, public safety, loitering, pyrotechnics, post-event litter and curfews.

The agenda doesn’t have any supporting information, but says the consultants, The Lew Edwards Group, in conjunction with EMC Research and Public Dialogue Consortium will provide an overview of their plans. According to City staff, the goal is “to implement a transparent, independent and comprehensive process to gather statistically valid public views and to facilitate meaningful, robust input from stakeholders and the public.”

Levi’s Stadium So-Called Community Room

The Levi’s Stadium so-called community room will be discussed once again. But it looks like the Stadium Authority may take over new space for the community. Instead of the basement/dungeon that the 49ers have given the community, we may have a new community room of about 1,800 square feet next to the Bourbon Steak and Pub Restaurant.

The Stadium Authority board can elect to have Executive Director Deanna Santana include a cost estimate in the 2018-19 Santa Clara Stadium Authority budget for costs associated with the build out of a new community room in Levi’s Stadium. The best location near the restaurant is expected to cost $400,000-$800,000. So, the Stadium Authority will build a more accessible community room. The question is when the 2018-19 budget is done, who will pay for it? Is it coming out of money that would go the the city’s general fund? Or is it coming out of the 49ers side of the budget?  Stay tuned.


The regular Council meeting has a few major topics too:

Pilot Residential Food Scraps Recycling Program

This will be interesting. Many have found the pilot food scraps recycling program program inefficient and frustrating. Over 53 percent of residential customers surveyed claimed they had capacity issues with the new split-bin garbage containers. Let’s see how the issues are addressed to make the program more useable and successful.

Charter Amendment for Council District Elections

The Council will adopt resolutions calling for a Special Municipal Election to be held on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 for new district elections and method of electing city officers. In addition to placing on the ballot the two-district formula recommended by the Charter Review Committee, this will approve $188,000 for services to fund the ballot measure, and establish a five member Ad-Hoc Advisory Districting Committee who will draw the line dividing the two districts. We wonder if the two districts will be divided by a wall — and if the 49ers will pay for it.



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