Why Did Rod Diridon, Jr. Suddenly Resign? Will Santa Clara Get Rid of Elected City Clerk?

By Robert Haugh

Rumors are swirling at Santa Clara City Hall.

In case you missed it yesterday, Rod Diridon, Jr. said at a city council meeting that he was stepping down. 

It’s the way he did it, that’s creating a lot of talk.  It reminded a lot of people of the way former Mayor Jamie Matthews suddenly and mysteriously resigned after Super Bowl 50 almost exactly two years ago.

At the beginning of the meeting, Diridon read his resignation letter, shook hands, posed for a photo and left immediately.

Santa Clara City Clerk Rod Diridon Jr. Resignation Letter
Santa Clara City Clerk Rod Diridon, Jr.’s resignation letter.

Diridon also didn’t disclose where he was going for his next job. The letter he read said “I will be leaving to resume a career in the high tech industry.”

Some people think he’s headed to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. They’re the lobbying group for tech companies.  But it’s raised some eyebrows that Diridon hasn’t said where he’s working next.

Also, the fact that he’s stepping down in the middle of a term is raising questions. Diridon was re-elected in November 2016 and was sworn in for this term just 13 months ago.

There’s been speculation for months about the high employee turnover in Diridon’s office over the years. According to multiple sources, there was an evaluation taking place based on employees’ complaints.

Editor’s Note: We received an anonymous letter a couple weeks ago detailing problems with Diridon’s management style. But we declined to print it because it was anonymous and unsubstantiated.

After Diridon suddenly left the council meeting, the council appointed Community Relations Manager Jennifer Yamaguma as “acting city clerk.” It’s a good thing that she has experience having worked as Diridon’s deputy. But now the council will need a Community Relations Manager.

Diridon’s resignation has started talk in the community that Santa Clara should change the way we pick a city clerk. Some people argue that the city manager should appoint the position like she does for other departments, instead of picking a city clerk by an election.

According to the California City Clerks Association, there are 154 elected city clerks in California. But there are only two in Santa Clara County: Santa Clara and Morgan Hill.

In the entire Bay Area, there are only eight elected city clerks. Last year, San Bruno got rid of its elected city clerk. And Belmont is considering moving from elected to an appointed city clerk.

At the next council meeting, the Council will decide how to permanently replace Diridon. We think one of the choices will be to ask Santa Clara voters to get rid of the elected position. That’ll have to be done by voters since it’s a position that’s in the city’s charter. We may see it on the ballot in June, 2018.

It looks like change and reform will continue in the Mission City this year.

Editor’s Note: We attempted to contact Diridon by email and text yesterday. He did not reply. If he does, we will share his side of the story.



  1. The Diridon family are shills for high speed rail and other bankrupting state infrastructure boondoggles. Pave our roads and light them county maintenance parks drainage all general infrastructure in crumbling and takes way to long for you fix. You are scheming thieves of our hard earned tax dollars.

  2. For me, I like Rod and have joined him for lunch on several occasions. In addition he has been helpful when I had questions.
    That being said there were times I felt he didn’t own up to have as much control as he does such as getting the CC agenda out earlier. That is still an issue but I still think he had more control over that then he said. Yes, other depts need to provide input but I think he could have set a deadline and sent out what the departments provide. What would they do fire him? One of the advantages of being elected.
    And speaking of that, I don’t like having the City Clerk or Police Chief elected.
    I doubt anyone would jump in the race at this late date but what do I know? I’m so dumb I use my own name. (and picture?)

  3. Would you print the anonymous letter you referenced if the author agreed to sign it and release it publicly?

    • The letter, albeit anonymous clearly had a small amount of possible authors. I wouldn’t promise publication without first discussing with city management and Mr. Diridon as well. It would be possible, but I wouldn’t guarantee publishing it without more review and insight from those involved.

  4. I’m surprised nobody else has read the tea leaves on this yet. He abruptly resigned on Feb 6, precisely 4 months before the June primaries. Which indicates he’s making a run for public office.

    The good news is that if he decides to run for Board of Supervisors we’ll finally have a Santa Claran who represents the people of Santa Clara and not some hack who only cares about himself and his political career.

    With Rod’s connections and his proven ability to fundraise, he’ll easily max out his $250k limit. And with his name recognition and years of public service he will quickly rise to the top of the pack.

    He’s likeable, approachable and even-tempered – all things you couldn’t say about the other Santa Claran running for Board of Supes.

    I think the whole tech job thing is a ruse so as to not tip his hand on his big announcement.

    I say run Rod, run!

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