City Council Preview: Swim Center Update

Happy President’s Day to Everyone!

By Robert Haugh

Only one major item is on tomorrow’s City Council agenda – a study session on the Central Park Swim Center project.

Project Finance Advisory Limited (PFAL) will make a presentation with updates on the Swim Center project. We’ve heard a lot about a potential parcel tax to fund the project. Unfortunately, the agenda packet has nothing on the item. PFAL was the consultant hired to to develop and evaluate potential financial strategies, public and private funding capacities and options, conduct public opinion research and community outreach, explore potential public private partnership options for the delivery (design, financing, construction, maintenance and operation) of a new Community Recreation and Aquatic Center in Central Park.

What we do know, is that Tod Spieker pledged at least $4 million to the project.

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Other items:

Council will accept the resignation of Chuck Blair from the Parks & Recreation Commission. Blair is moving with his family to Bakersfield. He served on the Commission since 2011 and is a former Chair. Blair has a storied history supporting and coaching youth baseball in Santa Clara.

The Parks & Rec Commission will provide an update on current activities and potential future projects during a “joint dinner meeting” with the Council.


  1. “Tod Spieker pledged at least $4 million to the project” That money is less than what they will need for promotion and to finalize a design. Just an appetizer for the Santa Clara residents who will have to pay $500,000000.

    No Thank You!

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