Guest Opinion: Pat Kolstad Should Resign Immediately

By Teresa Sulcer

Dear Council Member Kolstad –

I am writing to you on behalf of your constituents in Santa Clara to respectfully request that you resign your position as a member of the Santa Clara City Council.  While it is debatable if you are entitled to remain on the Council by the rule of law, you are clearly violating the intent of the law, which by our interpretation is designed to ensure that Council members intend to remain living in the City as part of the community that voted for them.  Given your intention to move out of State as demonstrated by the sale of your home in Santa Clara and your purchase of a house in Washington State we feel that you are no longer the best person to represent us in these challenging and changing times.

Our City is grappling with huge issues from development plans to redistricting and electoral changes and we believe that it is in the best interests of everyone that our Council members be present to vote on these important issues as they arise.  We also think that this is a great opportunity for you to model exemplary leadership and patriotism by removing yourself from the Council and allowing an appointee serve the rest of your term.  It would certainly be very refreshing in these difficult times to see an elected official put his constituents and his city above his own personal gain.

Your resignation at this time would also provide the City with an enormous opportunity to rid itself of the potentially very expensive lawsuit that is pending and would create an opportunity for the Council to become more diverse and reflective of our community.

In conclusion, we thank you for your past work on behalf of the City and its residents.  We wish you and your family much happiness and success in your new home and we very much hope to be able to hail you as a true leader and role model for the City of Santa Clara and is residents.  We look forward to your timely response.

With best regards,

Teresa Sulcer

Editor’s Note: Teresa Sulcer is a Santa Claran who served on the Charter Review Committee. She is also the President of the Board of Directors of the Kona Kai Swim and Racquet Club. This letter was sent to the City Council, Mayor and City Manager on February 15, 2018. The author did not receive a response from Kolstad as of press time.

Pat Kolstad
Santa Clara City Council member Pat Kolstad resides both in Washington State and Santa Clara. Many, like the author of this column, believe he should resign from the Council.



  1. Why is he sticking around? And why is the City Attorney allowing this to,happen too? More corruption? Who is paying off whom? Or what 49er favor does Kolstad owe or do they still need? Yet another case of Santa Clara illegalities .,, Again!! Time for them all to go including Mayor Gilmore … why isn’t she insisting the charter and law, be followed — oh, that’s right, she only uses the Charter to HER advantage when she wants to, like getting control of the city clerk and take away citizens’ right to select THEIR Clerk. Shame, shame, shame .., thought the scum left with Matthews and Fuentes. Guess we’re on to Round 2 …

  2. I like Mr. Kolstad. I’ve worked with him in the past but he has become a lame duck. Selling his house in Santa Clara and buying a new home out of state while still a City Councilmember wasn’t smart. The Council is turning the City around and needs strong support to keep it moving in the right direction. Lame ducks don’t get things done. Speaking of lame ducks, maybe he could take Ms. Mahan and Mr. Caserta with him. We need Councilmembers who are looking out for our City’s best interests.

  3. This is a well written and reasonable. It’s significant when a respected community leader writes something like this.

    • I agree with Observer. Just like bed bugs, herpes, and cancer are hard to get rid of. I don’t think he will give up due to his Niner and developer incomes. Blu Pak Captain.

  4. I agree with most everything that was said except the closing comment the Kolstad’s resignation “would create an opportunity for the Council to become more diverse and reflective of our community. We don’t need diversity for diversity’s sake – we need the best qualified person, period.

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