Caserta’s Independent Expenditure Campaign Raises Big Money From 49er Contractors and Developers

By Robert Haugh

We’ve been hearing rumors for months about an independent expenditure to help Dominic Caserta’s supervisorial campaign.  In fact, we predicted it in January.  Now, it’s happening.

The major groups supporting Caserta with big checks are the 49ers and developers.

Caserta is a major 49er backer.  Here are major items where Caserta supported the 49ers in 2017:

  • lift the weekday stadium curfew — they lost.
  • withhold documents from the city — lawsuit pending.
  • employ Landmark Event Staffing over union workers — they won.

Now it looks like the team is paying him back.

The name of the committee is Santa Clarans for Good County Government, Supporting Caserta for Supervisor 2018. Here’s what we know from public disclosures:

Connections to the 49ers —

  • Councilwoman Patty Mahan’s sister, Jeannie Mahan, is one of three organizers. The other two are: David Llamas of San Jose and Mike Kasperzak of Mountain View. Patty Mahan was a major 49er stadium supporter. She’s also received financial contributions from the team and the notorious BluPAC, the dark money group with 49er ties that backed her during her last election.
Jeannie Mahan
Jeannie Mahan
  • Russell Miller is the treasurer. He was also the treasurer for the 49er stadium campaign in 2010.
  • Gary Filizetti gave $7,000. He owns Devcon Construction, the contractor that the 49ers hire to build the stadium.
Gary Filizetti
Gary Filizetti
  • Robert Bothman, the CEO of Bothman Construction gave $4,250. His firm has done work for the 49ers at the stadium.

In addition to the 49ers, developers are writing big checks to Caserta’s independent expenditure. It looks like they’re paying him back, too.

Connections to developers —

David Neale
David Neale

All these contributions came in the last week. We’ll watch for more.

By the way, contributors can give more than the legal limit for a supervisorial campaign ($1,000) to the independent expenditure committee. But it’s supposed to be completely independent and not coordinated with the supervisorial campaign.

Multiple sources in rival campaigns say there’s evidence of coordination. That’s a big no no with the Fair Political Practice Commission. So we’d like to see the evidence. If there’s any truth to it and someone files a complaint, this will be a much bigger story. Stay tuned.

Dominic Caserta 49ers Independent Expenditure
Santa Clara Councilman Dominic Caserta is on the receiving end of an independent expenditure group, “Santa Clarans for Good County Government, Supporting Caserta for Supervisor 2018,” which received contributions and support from several 49ers contractors, developers and known supporters.


  1. Robert, this is more evidence that we need to stay vigilant for the duration of this contract. Thanks for posting this. Hard to imagine this was just two years ago. He sure does pick some winners to hang out with.

    We blink, we get distracted, or we just get too comfortable and start to trust this man, we know that will not end well. We’ve seen his “Community Playbook” on our side. So at least we can safely predict what he most likely will do next.

    Bottomline, Jed York is a businessman. He needs a return on his investment (ROI). The only question is what in the world is he going to want with for his Millions that he is spending just for this election?

    Answer here is, Everything.

    Quote from Bruce Springsteen (Badlands, Darkness on the Edge of Town 1978);

    “Poor man wanna be rich, Rich man wanna be King, and the King ain’t satisfied till he rules everything.”

    Sadly even if he gets everything, I still don’t think he will be happy.

    Burt Field

  2. How about doing all candidates they all need money to run so be fair and they all take money all over

  3. Could you share the Fair Political Practices Committee phone number or hotline if they have one? Can anyone make a complaint?

  4. the 49ers have no morals. the developers have no morals. but i’m surprised at Jeannie Mahan. i thought she did. guess not.

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