City Council Preview: Planning Commission Appointment

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s special City Council meeting sees the Council interview applicants for one position on the Planning Commission.

The 12 candidates are:


  • Anthony J. Becker,
  • Arundhati Bhowmick,
  • Jeremy Hicks,
  • Maria Horwich,
  • Qian Huang,
  • Ashish Mangla,
  • Jonathan Marinaro,
  • Charlie Moon,
  • Kevin Park,
  • Martin B. Schulter,
  • Juliet White,
  • Jie Zhang.

Becker, Mangla and Park all made unsuccessful Council bids in the past.

Becker has declared he will run for Council in November. It’ll be interesting to see if the council hands him what could be an advantage in a council race.

Or if they ask him about some of his negative comments about Mayor Lisa Gillmor and other councilwomen that he’s made publicly. He’s attacked them for the Harvey Rose Measure J stadium audit and for maintaining the weekday stadium curfew. We do remember “respect” being a big deal when community leader Hosam Haggag applied for the planning commission.

That was a big enough deal for four councilmembers to vote for  Lance Salame over Haggag. Those four were: Dominic Caserta, Pat Kolstad, Patty Mahan, and Teresa O’Neill. Will they be consistent? Stay tuned.



  1. It’s a bloody shame O’Neill, Caserta, Mahan, and Kolstad did not support Hosam who is a smart person and dedicated to our community.

    Aren’t these the same four who let Sellers spike his pension??

  2. I like Kevin park for this spot. I don’t happen to think that someone opposed to the audit and wants to lift the curfew has Santa Clara is best interest at heart.

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