Yeager Endorses Both Ellenberg and Rocha for County Supervisor

By Robert Haugh

Yesterday, County Supervisor Ken Yeager endorsed both Susan Ellenberg and Don Rocha to succeed him in District Four.

You can read below the press release he sent us Tuesday morning. But what does it all mean for the race?

Next week, we’ll write an update on the rankings. There are a lot of new endorsements to report. In May, we’ll do our own endorsement.

Obviously, Ellenberg and Rocha get some big points for Yeager’s endorsement. Yeager has served three terms and is generally well liked. A Yeager ally tells us that he polls best in the Rose Garden area of his district. That’s his old San Jose council district.  So Ellenberg and Rocha get a boost in San Jose. That’s about 60 percent of the district.

Yeager is not as well known in Santa Clara where he’s never spent much time. We hear that’s true in Campbell, too. Santa Clara is about 25 percent of the district and still up for grabs. No candidate seems to have a strong hold here. Campbell is about 12 percent of the district. Former Campbell Mayor Jason Baker looks like he’s united most of his city to support him.

Stay tuned as things heat up in the race.

From Supervisor Ken Yeager —

Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager has dually endorsed Susan Ellenberg and Don Rocha in the race to replace him on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, District Four.

“Susan Ellenberg and Don Rocha are both incredibly thoughtful and qualified candidates,” said Yeager. “District Four residents would be well-served by either of them as their representative.”

Don Rocha is a San Jose City Councilmember and former Cambrian School Board Trustee who has spent many years improving the lives of residents living in District Four.

“I have worked alongside Don on issues affecting both the City and the County, such as the potential development of the Cambrian Park Plaza and matters of public health,” said Yeager. “I appreciate his dedication to serving all of the residents in his district, including listening to the concerns of those living in unincorporated pockets.”

Susan Ellenberg is a San Jose Unified School District Trustee and appointed member of the Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women whose career has been dedicated to serving the needs of children and families.

“Susan’s experience in the education sector, promoting diversity, advocating for women, and making safer spaces for children give her unique insight into the needs of the people the County serves,” said Yeager. “Her passion, vision, and genuine care make her a committed advocate for the residents of District Four.”

While Yeager enthusiastically supports Susan Ellenberg and Don Rocha with his endorsement, he also recognizes the strong, conscientious campaigns of former Campbell City Councilmember Jason Baker and Santa Clara City Councilmember Dominic Caserta.

Ken Yeager



  1. San Jose doesn’t need more people in power. That’s why I’m voting for Jason Baker. He’s not from a big city and he seems like a decent guy.

    The only other choice is Dom Caserta who seems quite immature and in the pocket of developers and the 49ers.He can’t be trusted to do the right thing for Santa Clara.

  2. 3 of the 5 current County Board members are San Jose residents and former City Council members. 53% of County residents live in San Jose, so that 60% number is not extraordinary. But consider the weight the City of San Jose can already throw around, including a VTA board member majority, chaired by SJ Mayor San Licardo. Other “County” commissions are weighted likewise.

  3. Not a surprise (as you note the San Jose connection).
    Ellenberg and Rocha are good candidates, but hopefully the next Supervisor will be from outside San Jose with its internal and self-interested politics.
    We need a County representative who will look beyond one city’s needs and desires and will work with all sides for compromise and effective solutions.

  4. Thanks for printing Supervisor Yeager’s complete endorsement. Your site is a must read for us, the people following this race closely — including the Supervisors. Keep up the good work.

  5. You got that glowing endorsement of Miles Barber and The Santa Clara Weakly!

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