Council Preview: Revenue Opportunities

By Robert Haugh

Tonight’s Council meeting focuses on money, money, money.

Cannabis Regulations and Taxes

We will hear a report on studies on cannabis regulations, including a fees and a tax proposal.

General Fund Revenue Opportunities

Council will get a report on options to generate revenue for the City and consider possible options.

November 2018 Infrastructure Improvement Ballot Measure

An infrastructure ballot measure will be discussed. There are many things needing infrastructure help in the Mission City. Several parks need to get facelifts and the George F. Haines International Swim Center needs to be rebuilt. I’ve swam there and have seen the needs first-hand. It’s old and dilapidated. But there’s a lot of needs in the City. It’ll be interesting to hear what the council considers priorities.

Misc. items

  • Bingo regulations could be amended.
  • A public safety agreement will be inked between the City and Stadium Authority. This seems routine, but is a pretty big deal. It modifies the old agreement that provided a threshold on Levi’s Stadium public safety costs paid by the 49ers. That means the team will have to pay all public safety costs just as Measure J requires. That’s the 2010 measure that Santa Clara voters approved to protect the city’s general fund.




  1. Enjoying the fall of Creepy Man Caserta. It’s about time. It’s like Xmas In may. Bucket list✔. BBC=ByeByeCaserta

  2. How about adding a property transfer tax like the majority of cities in Santa Clara County already have in place. Also a per employee business license fee too. Transportation mitigation tax fee for people that travel to, from and thru Santa Clara .,, they use our infrastructure but pay nothing to use it.

    It will be interesting to see who stands up for the citizens and who protects the developers and businesses … anyone wanna make any bets?

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