Election Analysis, Part 2: Caserta is Still Generating Buzz Around Town

By Robert Haugh

Some readers have asked me about disgraced former Councilmember Dominic Caserta. He finished 5th in the Supervisorial race, with seven percent of the vote.

Caserta hasn’t been seen around town since the stories broke about his sexual harassment allegations. But people are still talking about him. Here are the comments I’m hearing:

  • Some people say that he’s moved out of the area.
  • A few people are speculating that he’ll sue the city for forcing him to resign.
  • A lot of people think he’ll sue the Santa Clara Unified School District for releasing his personnel records. That’s how we found out that he has a history of sexual harassment allegations that goes back years.

As of yesterday, with 72 percent of ballots counted, Caserta got 2,868 votes. SanJoseInside.com wonders how many of them are from voters who voted before they broke the Caserta sexual allegation stories.

It’s possible that those were early votes. Or those were voters who don’t read or watch local news.

Or maybe they’re the voters who only read Publisher/Development Lobbyist Miles Barber’s columns (here and here) endorsing Caserta for Supervisor in the Santa Clara Weekly.

Dominic Caserta
Disgraced former Santa Clara City Councilman and County Supervisor candidate Dominic Caserta.







  1. The fact that you still support him and brag that he hugs you — says a whole lot about him AND even more about YOU too! Seems Santa Clara has unearthed another person NOT to support …

  2. He got a raw deal if you know Dominic he is a hugger and loves people hell he hug me

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