Santa Clara News Weekly Summary: Santa Clara Chamber Continues Sinking Themselves; Mahan and Kolstad Slapped Again

By Robert Haugh

A Weekly Summary from the Mission City’s Best News Source


Council appointment candidate Dr. Mohammed Nadeem blasts Patty Mahan and Pat Kolstad for wasting his time as an applicant for the seat vacated by disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta. Nadeem spent time away from an important religious event and celebration. He calls Mahan and Kolstad’s actions uncivilized and appalling.


Mahan and Kolstad “dialing in” to Council meetings. Upcoming meeting tackles several issues including a proposed townhome development at the site of Fujii Florist.


Where Art Thou Santa Clara Weekly? Self-called “official” newspaper of the Mission City seems to be delivered only monthly or semi-annually. The publication has been in hot water because of controversial ad purchases by the Santa Clara CVB — an example of self-dealing by Santa Clara Chamber board members.


12-unit townhome project at 1900 Warburton, site of Fujii Florist is approved, despite parking concerns from residents of the seven-story, 100-unit tower at 1700 Civic Center Drive.


Santa Clara Chamber moves annual event from Santa Clara Convention Center to David’s Restaurant just days after we asked if they were getting a special deal at taxpayers’ expense. The organization is suffering from discovery of mismanagement and malfeasance in a city audit.


  1. Man, where you gettin’ your info? Jody Muirhead has already filed her papers to run for school board trustee. Makes me wonder about the rest of your “info.” Just another troll trying to rile up trouble…..

  2. What is very misfortunate is your failing to cover many issues within the city council that is in regards to the districts and city clerk. City clerk is being changed without voter approval, while the districts the city is still pushing the 2 or 3 district option when they should have submitted just 6 and 7 options.
    This was a distraction from what council did July 5th when the went to change the city clerk role without voter approval or amendment to charter.
    At least Mahan stood up for something democrati because right now this is a sickening portrayal of democracy when the city attorney hides facts about the districts.
    I been hearing news that Debbie Bress might run for mayor or city clerk which is good because she feels she has connected all the dots.
    Other news I heard is that commissioner Anthony Becker was trying to pull papers to run for city clerk as well and has openly expressed his interest in it, be interesting to see what happens with that.

    This city is so corrupt eother way so be interesting to hear what happens

    I also hear that Jodi muirhead might run for council dunno how true that is

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