Santa Clara News Weekly Summary: Convention Center Management Contract Terminated; Raiders to Play 2019 at Levi’s Stadium?

By Robert Haugh

A Weekly Summary from the Mission City’s Best News Source


City Council Preview: Convention Center Blues and Development Plans


Will Santa Clara Have Two NFL Teams Playing at Levi’s Stadium in 2019? Are the Raiders Coming?


Final Convention Center Audit: City Lost Revenue and Subsidized $37 million in Last 10 Years


City Officially Terminates Chamber of Commerce for Mismanaging the Convention Center


  1. I have said, that our Mayor is intelligent and truthful and she is proving it. It is not surprising, that the money our city has been loosing, is being brought to our attention. Thank you Mayor Gillmore for helping the people of Santa Clara.

  2. It is time for all the nefarious things that you have heard about the chamber of commerce to come true. Supporting the 49ers and their business buddies against the city while using the city money is the type of white collar crime that is actionable. Some of the chamber folks that were pushing around small businesses and individuals may be wearing orange. Orange should be the new color for the Santa Clara weekly.

    Let’s remember these folks supported Patty Mahan and she supports their issues. This is probably why Patty doesn’t want the Mayor to uncover all these illegal issues.

    Thanks to the Mayor for doing the appropriate audits to uncover these misuses of the city funds.

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