City Council Preview – More Downtown Discussion; Interesting Litigation

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s joint City Council and Stadium Authority meeting is pretty short, but includes a few interesting items.

Here is a summary:

  • A neighborhood group is suing the City over a pending development on Pomeroy. The Pomeroy Eichler Neighborhood Preservation Society wasn’t happy that the Council approved a multi-unit development in the area.

  • Anticipated litigation items include an item from the 49ers – who stated in a Sept. 30 letter that “the failure to pay public safety costs in the amount of approximately $660K were a breach of stadium lease.” Wow. Is another lawsuit or arbitration coming?

  • A study session will take place about creating a precise plan for the Downtown area. This will make many people happy, including the Reclaiming Our Downtown group, which has been gaining a lot of momentum in re-creating a central Downtown in the Franklin Square. The interesting thing, is this discussion will be limited to only four Councilmembers, as Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Patty Mahan cannot take part, due to proximity of their homes and businesses.

  • Consideration of written petition submitted by William Eserini regarding use of City property for political campaign purposes. This is regarding City Clerk candidate Hosam Haggag using Fremont Park for a campaign-related event. City parks are public spaces, so this seems frivolous.

  • Amendment of an ordinance on Taxi cabs to revise taxicab permitting and operational requirements and establish new permit and operational requirements for pedi-cabs.

  • We’ll hear new information on the 2019 College Football National championship playoff game being held at Levi’s Stadium, and other festivities – mostly in San Jose.  This may be the latest 49ers political blunder that we’ll write more about soon.

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