Santa Clara News Weekly Summary: City Cleared of Anonymous Complaints; Grading the Candidates’ Forum Performance

By Robert Haugh

A Weekly Summary from the Mission City’s Best News Source


City Council Preview: City Cleared of False Allegations and Complaints Reported in the Santa Clara Weekly


Council Debate Preview, James Rowen No Longer Part of Mario Bouza Campaign


City Council Recap: No FPPC or CalPERS Violations by City Despite Anonymous Complaints


City Council Candidates Forum — Grading the Candidates Performance


  1. It’s hard to believe Becker would want to debate the mayor again after crapping the bed in the council chambers.

    There’s no misinformation. Carrying water for Patty Mahan with support of idiots like John Mclemore is no way to win a race. By the way, the mayor doesn’t run the MCA.

  2. Becker is such a joke and the fact his Target Greeter unqualified self has endorsements like Mahan,,the no respect liar with her Caserta like behavior, McLemore the loser, has been who is bitter after Debi Davis beat him in the last election & Jim Lee & And the senile Miles Barber. I see a pattern here, the same ignorant people that still support the sexual predator Caserta are also Becker supporters.

  3. Becker is a joke. Definitely not considered a credible candidate. The last thing Santa Clara wants is a negative, shit talking, far from credible, no experience, embarrassing, Target employee for our Mayor. Don’t quit your day jobs Becker!

  4. read you column on the candidates debate. Bouza should have addressed why he hired James Rowen who has assaulted a female bus driver and helped Caserta attack his victims and former campaign manager Ian Crueldad for standing up to Caserta. Bouza deserves no one’s vote for doing this.

  5. Robert
    Still no response from Gillmor camp on my debate challenge
    When will my opponent stop hiding behind the mailers and actually debate the facts and issues.
    Note you were wrong on the forums count
    There have been 2 for mayor (old quad and the LWV)
    For council/clerk there have been only 2 (MCA, LWV)
    So I don’t know where you think there was more forums. More fuzzy math in Santa Clara.
    There have been a major lack of them
    So will my challenge be accepted? The responses I got from the MCA were not good that there is no mayors forum. Unfair ? Is this what incumbents do ? They feel they don’t have to put in the work for the job ?
    You should find out if This debate will happen. All media including yourself is invited. So the clock is ticking

    • You must have forgotten your forum with the Central Labor Council. That counts. Sorry but I don’t take your challenge seriously. In past years, there was one mayoral debate. So you’ve had three more than normal to make your case. I don’t hear people in the community calling for more debates. Sorry but you’re not considered a credible candidate who’s proposing ideas that are actually studied and viable. Like when you say that you would have gotten more from the 49ers in the lawsuit than the $180 m the city won. You don’t say how. And you have no legal background. It comes across as a little crazy.

      Since I’ve answered your question, can you answer mine? I sent you a question a few days ago about why in debates you’re not fully disclosing your sources of income. I’m not trying to embarrass you. I too work multiple jobs. But it’s important for voters to know, especially if there’s a possible conflict of interest. It’s also about honesty and transparency.

    • Tony, Tony, Tony!!!! do everyone a favor. Stay home. Don’t embarrass yourself anymore in a candidates forum.

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