City Council Preview – Long Agenda for the Council

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s City Council meeting is the first one in about a month and should be rather long.

Here’s a few of the items:

  • Council will host a public hearing on new potential exclusive franchise agreements for garbage, organic and recyclables. Will we have a new garbage company in Santa Clara in the future?

  • Council considers an ordinance that would prohibit several activities in a “protected area” during the week of the 2019 College Football National Championship Game.

  • Council will host a hearing regarding the townhomes proposed at 1530-1540 Pomeroy Avenue. These homes have been subject to lots of controversy.

  • Council will consider extending the temporary ban on all commercial cannabis activity to June 30, 2019. Mission City residents overwhelmingly approved Measure M, a vote establishing cannabis taxes.

  • A new Specific Plan will be considered for Tasman East.

  • In closed session, Council will review “potential litigation” from the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce. A letter from Chamber CEO Nick Kaspar will be addressed. Yes, seriously, the Chamber may be suing the City. Wow.

  • Also in closed session are negotiations for two properties: David Ebrahimi for 5131 Stars & Stripes Drive — David’s Restaurant and Banquet facility and Phillip Wade of IA Lodging/Xenia Hotels Santa Clara for 5155 Stars and Stripes Drive.

  • City Manager Deanna Santana will provide a summary of her first year of service. We commend her on a stellar first year, and Mission City residents seem to agree. She’s led many efforts in improving management practices, especially contract procurement and negotiations with the 49ers.

Happy Veteran’s Day to the Mission City and especially our veterans.

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