Santa Clara News Weekly Summary: Election Week. Chamber PAC Faces Huge Fine, Some Landslides, Mission City Happy With Gillmor Leadership

By Robert Haugh

A Weekly Summary from the Mission City’s Best News Source


SPECIAL SUNDAY EDITION: Dorothy Rosa Video Ad is the Talk of the Town


Chamber of Commerce PAC faces Fine of $43,250+ for Failing to File Campaign Reports for Four Years


Election Predictions – Some Landslides, Some Close Races


Early Election Results – Gillmor, Hardy in Landslides; Chahal, O’Keefe Holding Leads


Election Day’s Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers


  1. We are grateful that Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Karen Hardy won in landslides.

    We are over the moon happy that Chris Stampolis finished next to last and will have to crawl back into his hole. He has inflicted enough damage and should just move away.

  2. you are soooo right about patty mahan sucking at politics. she was the first person ever to violate the lobbyist ordinance. she was the first person to be admonished by the city council. kolstad too. she chews out commission applicants in public. she interrupts everyone when they have the mic. she will not win reelection. Noooo way.

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