Ceremony at City Hall Honors Newly Elected Mayor and Council

By Robert Haugh

Last night, a standing-room-only crowd welcomed  Mayor Lisa Gillmor, City Clerk Hosam Haggag, Councilwoman Karen Hardy and Councilman Raj Chahal as they were sworn into office.

They joined family members, City staff, and community members in a lighthearted ceremony. The entire council was present, including Patty Mahan. This is the first time the full seven-member council met together since disgraced former Councilmember Dominic Caserta resigned in May.

There was cake. There was laughter. And there were handshakes.

Everyone seems to feel Santa Clara is headed in the right direction and we have a council majority that will keep us going that way.  


  1. Congratulations! Nice to watch from home.
    Touching moment between Dad and Daughter Gillmore.
    Sorry for Karen Hardys loss.
    All was good until Raj Chahal brought up what sounded like dirty laundry and aired it. Whats up with that?
    It wasn’t very nice. Is he going to be the new Caserta and divide the council? Tsk. Tsk.

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