City Council Review: No Fireworks Last Night, But Some Good Ones Are Coming

By Robert Haugh

Mayor Lisa Gillmor recommended the appointment of her biggest critic Councilwoman Patty Mahan to be Vice Mayor.  The vote was unanimous. No drama. No debate.  None. It was more boring than a Barry Horowitz vs. Gillberg wrestling match.

We were disappointed. How we miss disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta. We could always count on him for drama.

Former Vice Mayor Kathy Watanabe was appointed Chaplain. That was unanimous, too.

Most of the night there was no real fireworks.

But we’re glad we watched to the end. That’s when Councilwoman Debi Davis raised some interesting questions that will create some fireworks in future meetings.

She asked for a report on the 49ers reneging on their obligation to provide a community room at the stadium.

Staff said that will be on a future agenda.  We’ll see if the 49ers repeat the same boneheaded mistake they made with the youth soccer fields.  When Jed York failed to keep his promise to build them, everything went South. It’s like the organization was under a curse — on and off the field.

Davis also asked for a report on the free tickets that were given away for the Clemson vs Alabama national championship football game.  You can say that you read it here first.

Davis also said asked staff to look into free tickets given away at Taylor Swift concerts.  Wow.  That would have been worth getting.

Davis also said she’s found websites that are slashing prices for the Mexico vs Paraguay game in March.  Some tickets are only $85 for the second tier. Yikes.

Kudos to Davis for doing her homework. Let’s hope she’s not getting into the ticket-scalping business.





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  1. I thought it was rude and unprofessional to watch Hardy and Mahan having their own side meeting during when other council members where speaking. At one point the Mayor was calling on Hardy to speak and she didn’t respond because she was to busy talking with Mahan. Also Hardy seem not to have been listening she was asking questions that already been addressed. Recommendation to the two new council member, more listening and less talking.

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