Santa Clara Ranked Among the Best U.S. Cities to Open a Restaurant

Robert Haugh

A recently released report ranked the 50 best cities in the nation to open a restaurant.

Santa Clara was ranked 32nd. Kudos to the Mission City.

An Illinois-based restaurant supplier looked at 236 cities across the U.S. including the 150 most populous cities.  

San Francisco was ranked 4th.  No San Jose. No Palo Alto. Berkeley was the only other Bay Area city on the list and they ranked 38th.

The following factors were considered in the rankings:

  • Annual restaurant sales per capita
  • Competition and market saturation (restaurants per capita)
  • Workforce (the number of restaurant industry workers per capita)
  • Medium income in each city

We hope this ranking helps attract new restaurants to Santa Clara. We’ve got some good ones, but could use more, especially in the authentic Italian and breakfast categories.

Tomorrow, we’ll highlight a Mission City restaurant that some consider a “must try.”

You can guess if you want.



  1. Robert. Allow me ot introduce you to Mio Vicnino. It’s a lovely Italian restaurant right in downtown Santa Clara. Not far from there is Sara’s Kitchen. Another great breakfast place that serves lunch to. Another great place for breakfast is Mission CIty Grill.

  2. Please let there be new restaurants in new downtown so people won’t have to go to other towns. Heard Cherrie Sushi is going to be a new restaurant. We are lucky to have China styx and fiorillos but SC needs more!

  3. Perhaps it’s because we have so few. I would rather not go to another city for dinner.

    We’re also starving for groceries, do you hear that Trader Joe’s?

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