Congressman Ro Khanna Will Co-Chair Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign and Answers Our Questions

By Robert Haugh

Ro Khanna backed Bernie Sanders for president in 2016. He’s backing him again. But this time he’ll be a national campaign co-chair. That’s a big deal for a congressman who’s in his second term according to some political pros who have worked on presidential campaigns.

Ro Khanna
Congressman Ro Khanna

Some of Khanna’s supporters have been surprised since he represents major tech companies and businesses in his district. And Sanders is a socialist.  

Here are some questions Khanna recently answered for Santa Clara News Online:

SCNO: What has been the most pleasant surprise for you as someone new to Congressman? Least pleasant?

Khanna: I am proud this is my second term and I have already passed two bills that the President has signed. The first helps veterans get apprenticeships and the second modernized federal websites. Bipartisanship still exists in Congress. There are plenty of issues on which we can put aside our issues, come together, and work for the American people. Lawmakers just have to look for them.

 SCNO: How often are you in the district? In Santa Clara?

Khanna: Since my election in 2016, I have held a town hall in each city across my district once every month. I am back multiple times a month and in every recess when we don’t have votes. I’m incredibly proud to represent such a diverse, innovative, and thoughtful constituency.

 SCNO: What are your top priorities that will be most impactful or helpful to Santa Clara?

Khanna: I am actively working with local leaders to resolve the impending transportation crisis across the South Bay, to reduce airport noise and odors, to address affordable housing, and to ensure our immigration process remains an just process.

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