Special Report: Levi’s Stadium Concert Revenue “Revealed”

By Robert Haugh

As our loyal readers (and anyone following Santa Clara issues closely) know, the 49ers refuse to give the City documents that the City is entitled to about non-NFL events like concerts. It’s the only way the City can find out if the team is being honest about the revenue its suppose to share with the public.

But the 49ers have withheld documents for years.  The City is taking the team to court to get the documents and info.

The team doesn’t even give the City the marketing plan that they’re required to.

But thanks to a good source, we have been provided some information that the 49ers haven’t shared with the City about concert revenues.

According to our source, Assessor Larry Stone and the Assessment Appeals Board did not get this info either when they were reviewing the 49ers’ tax appeal.

Stone finally decided to appeal a recent decision that gave the 49ers a huge tax break. But that came only after the City threatened to sue.  

Here are the numbers we received from a reliable source:


  1. Good job, Mr. Haugh. You should be getting Larry Stone’s salary. Glad someone is paying attention to the numbers.

  2. I have often said the reason they would not provide info on vendors is they don’t want us to know how much we should be getting. We are probably being short changed a lot of $$.
    And then plead poverty to try to have late night events on weekdays.

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