AWARDS: Best and Worst of the Week —  The City Council Majority and Weekly Publisher/Lobbyist Miles Barber

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

Santa Clara will collect $6.2 million this month on their lawsuit win last year over San Jose. Kudos to the Council majority (Lisa Gillmor, Debi Davis, Teresa O’Neill, Kathy Watanabe) that wasn’t afraid to stand up for the Mission City.  

The tag team of Patty Mahan and disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta wanted to throw in the towel.  

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Santa Clara Weekly Publisher/Lobbyist Miles Barber was publicly slammed again by the City for inaccurate and biased reporting. We reported it was the third time this year. A reader pointed out we were wrong. It’s the fifth time! (Kelly) (49ers) (audits) (convention center)

Whoops. We might have to give ourselves the Jabroni Award next week — unless Miles writes another column.


  1. It’s funny. I hear the term fake news get thrown around wildly these days about factual reporting with no validity, usually because it’s damning to one’s political views. I doubt anyone who uses it so flippantly has ever read the Santa Clara Weakly.

  2. One would have to conclude that the Weekly is a fake news organization run by a fake publisher.

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