Parade of Champions Returns on Saturday

By Robert Haugh

The Santa Clara Parade of Champions is a beloved Mission City tradition that has finally returned.

The parade was last held in 1995. Thanks to the hard work of community leaders it will be held this Saturday, September 28. The festivities start at 9 a.m. The parade starts at 11 a.m. A portion of proceeds from the event will go to the parade’s charitable partner JW House

Here are the Grand Marshalls:

  • Brandi Chastain, Two-Time FIFA World Cup Soccer Champion
  • Jerry Smith, Santa Clara University Women’s Soccer Head Coach
  • Carney Lansford, Wilcox High, Oakland A’s Baseball Player
  • Paul Rosa, Wilcox High Athletic Director, Head Football and Baseball Coach

Here’s the parade route:

Kudos to the following organizers of the parade for reviving a tradition:

  • Ana Vargas-Smith

  • Karen Bondi Ardizzone

  • Mike Lombardi

  • Andrew Ratermann

  • Jodi Muirhead

  • Patti Allmon

  • Mary Grizzle

  • Tino Silva

  • Nancy Biagini

  • Fernanda Eaton

  • Nick Kaspar

  • Linda Mello

  • Patricia Leung

Here’s the parade’s website for more info.


  1. Honestly this sounds like a boondoggle, notwithstanding that I’m a fan of Brandi. I fail to see why City money should be expended on this. In the normal way, organizers raise money privately and apply for a parade permit. The Portuguese heritage folks have managed quite nicely on their own. If this is truly beloved by the current residents of our fair city the money will be forthcoming.

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