Will Rivermark’s Posh Bagel Close Because Landlord Won’t Renew Lease? Sign a Petition to Help

By Robert Haugh

Will Rivermark lose Posh Bagel? It’s the area’s only breakfast place and a great gathering space for the Northside.

Owner Terry Eng said that the landlord has decided to let Posh Bagel’s lease expire and won’t renew it. Eng says the plan is to replace the bagel shop with a Korean barbecue restaurant.

“I‘ve been here for 15 years. I never missed rent,” Terry Eng told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I was a very good tenant and had a very good relationship with the community.”

The owner’s daughter, Cindy Eng, started a Change.org petition to save the family business.  As of yesterday, over 1,400 people have signed to save Posh Bagel. Wow.

Here’s one paragraph from the petition:

This is my mother’s livelihood and it is unfair to her as she never missed a month of rent and works hard every day to fulfilling a goal of making someone’s day. As a small business owner, she wakes up every morning at 3am to bake and gets home at 6pm and still has the positive spirit for her customers and engages in their everyday lives. Recently becoming a single mother with two kids to care for, losing this store would be like losing a child to her.

The goal is to get to at least 1,500 signatures.  You can help a good Santa Clara business that’s family-owned and operated by signing the petition here.

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