Council Reviews User Fees, Approves Transit Improvements and Affordable Housing

By Robert Haugh

In a study session, the Council reviewed User Fees for Cost of Services. This was a major study done by Matrix Consulting Group that examines cost recovery in City departments. 

Here’s a chart that shows what they learned:

About $12.4 million of the subsidy is in Recreation. Water has a subsidy of $3.7 million. Fire is at $1.5 million and Planning has a $1.8 million subsidy.

In the summer, the Council deleted 56 fees and adopted 28 new fees for the Phase I Municipal Fee review.  A detailed list of deleted and new fees for Phase II will be on the November 19, 2019 report to Council.

Other Stuff

  • The Council approved a Multimodal Improvement Plan for the Related Santa Clara project in the Northside.  The total is approximately $23 million. The Related Company will fund anywhere from $17-20 million for intersection improvements, transit services, bike and pedestrian paths, and transit services. Wow.

  • The Council approved an agreement with ZAEN Partners, LLC to build 30 very low-income units at 2310 Calle Del Mundo. 

All votes were unanimous, 6-0. Councilwoman Debi Davis was absent.

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