Council Review: Charter Review Committee Recommends 3 Council Districts, Council Extends Scooter Moratorium

By Robert Haugh

The Charter Review Committee recommends the City Council moves from six districts to three starting in 2022. We have 6 districts now because of Judge Thomas Kuhnle decided that Santa Clara had “racially polarized” voting in the past. But his order only applies through 2020. (It’s also being appealed by the City.) 

So if Santa Clarans approve the charter change in March 2020, we’ll have three new districts in effect in 2022.  We’ll write more on the issue and last night’s debate tomorrow. It was interesting.

Other issues:

  • At a study session, City staff discussed how the State is changing the way transportation analysis is done. Instead of studying “level of service” (LOS) at intersections, the new analysis will be based on “vehicle miles traveled” (VMT). That’s an effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

  • City staff briefed the council on potential General Fund revenue opportunities for the November 2020 election.  The Council approved survey research and outreach. The Staff will look at general obligation bonds and parcel taxes for a bunch of City needs.

  • The Council extended a moratorium on motorized scooters and bicycle share programs for another year until December 2020.  City Staff said they need more time to evaluate new developments involving the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and State legislation. 

  • City Staff gave an informational report regarding the Mercury News article regarding The Rolling Stones concert. Basically, the newspaper said they left out some important information about the 49ers because of space limitations. Hmmm. This is worth another look on another day.


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