Santa Clara Police Make Quick Arrests on Hit-and-Run Near City Hall and Joe Montana Statue Vandalism

By Robert Haugh

Yesterday afternoon, Santa Clara Police arrested two people after a hit-and-run near City Hall. 

A vehicle was doing donuts in the middle of the street near Monroe and Warburton. The driver hit a red Lexus with a woman inside. According to our sources, the woman was a City Hall employee. She suffered minor injuries.

On Monday night, a statue of 49er great Joe Montana at Levi’s Stadium was vandalized. It happened after the 49ers’ overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

The team told media sources that the statue will be repaired prior to the next home game on Sunday.

Police made an arrest shortly after the incident. The suspected allegedly tore off the statues’ face mask. Does that mean the suspect could be hit with a 15-yard penalty in addition to a fine and jail time?


  1. I hope the idiot who tore the mask of the Montana stature is banned from the stadium.

    As for the morons doing donuts, take the car and lock them up. I’m a crossing guard at Scott Lane School, and this happened shortly before school let out. I am terrified to think of my kids walking home with fools like that on the road.

    • Gracias Douglas Berry! our children love you and feel safe every day. Gracias.

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