49ers’ No on Measure C Committee Screws Up Its FPPC Forms

By Robert Haugh

City Clerk Hosam Haggag forced Jed York and the 49ers to admit they were spending money on a political poll in December. Now they’re being investigated for violating Santa Clara’s Dark Money Ordinance.

They had to file a form to create a campaign committee. 

Haggag sent warning letters to York, 49ers execs, and lobbyists on January 31, 2020. Just one business day later, they filed a No on Measure C committee. 

Maybe they should have taken more time.

It was the day after the Super Bowl.  So York and his political team might have been distracted because they really screwed up the form.

According to their FPPC 410 Form, it looks like they are fighting Measure C in San Mateo — not Santa Clara!

And they’re on the November 2020 ballot — not the March 2020 ballot!

And they’re fighting against districts — not redistricting!

Triple whoops.

It’s a good thing that York’s political team is different than the people managing the football operations. 

They might have accidentally traded George Kittle for Girl Scout cookies.


  1. Now is the time to get 5 time Super Bowl winning owner Eddie D back to clean up Jed’s mess!
    Reading this form tells me Jed needs to go back to school and maybe learn management 101.

    • They can’t even fill out a simple form, little alone manage a stadium. Big question is why are the 49ers spending large amounts of money to defeat measure C. This is a Santa Clara voting right to change our Charter. If measure C loses then do we go back to voting at large ? The judge decision
      was to have the voters to decide and to change the charter. I’m voting YES on measure C giving each district two voices / votes on the council supporting each district needs.

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