Election Update: AD 25 — Alex Lee Holds On To Run-off Spot, Upsetting Other Candidates

By Robert Haugh

The outcome is still not official. But local political experts think it’s almost a done deal that Bob Brunton will face Alex Lee in the runoff for Assembly District 25, which includes Santa Clara.

The District has a large Democratic registration advantage. It’s also a majority Asian district.

Brunton is a registered Republican. Lee is a registered Democrat and will be favored to win the seat in November if he faces Brunton in the run-off.


Lee’s finish is considered an upset since he is on top of better known and better funded candidates.

West Valley-Mission Community College Board Trustee Anne Kepner is in third. She had major endorsements and support from independent groups. Kepner raised a substantial amount of money, including a direct contribution from the 49ers.

Kepner mailed a lot of brochures to Santa Clara voters. Lee did no mail to the Mission City that we’ve seen.

Kepner is 2.5 percent points and 1,119 votes behind Lee as of Wednesday night. Lee has slightly expanded his lead since Tuesday night.


Once all the numbers are in, we’ll do a deeper dive into the race. Independent expenditure groups dropped mail and funded TV commercials for and against numerous candidates. Looking at the total spending should help figure out the results.


  1. Robert, you’re reporting is spot on and wish you’d start charging AB for free advertising. He’s monopolizing social media.

  2. While my house didn’t receive any mailings from Alex Lee’s campaign, early in the campaign he walked my neighborhood (District 3). On a Saturday morning he stopped by, introduced himself, and we talked briefly.

    To me a face-to-face meeting is more powerful than any number of mailings. If any other Assembly District 25 candidate went door-to-door in my neighborhood, I wasn’t home at the time.

    Regarding mailings: For my household the final count for those running for State Assembly was 1 for Carmen Montano, 3 for Anthony Phan, 5 for Anna Song, and 5 for Anne Kepner. There was also one mailing against Anne Kepner.

  3. I find it odd that Anthony Becker has announced he is running for district 6 but still has Patty writing for him. That doesn’t seem very genuine or honest. I understand Patty wants to stay involved although eventually he will have to stand up on his own. If you want to know Anthony, I suggest you do it in person without the strings attached.

    Let the rude awakening begin!

    • Richard,

      you cannot prove this…. where is your evidence? Every time I ask, you can’t prove it. so stop spreading lies, misinformation and nonsense assumptions that Patty writes my material.

      Without proof your comments mean nothing, back up your accusation. Maybe hire a forensic writing expert.

      The only thing Patty has done is endorsed and donated to my campaign in the past.

      I am genuine and honest….. I feel you are not being the same. You just like to discredit people because as I said before its “bully” mentality and you don’t agree with them.

      I will speak to anyone anywhere…. there are no strings on me…. I ain’t no Pinocchio. I love to speak to people in person because then people like you are not tainting the water. Maybe you should pull up a chair and listen to the plans I have in mind. Maybe you might find that you agree.

      The rude awakening that is happening is the tide is turning and this Santa Clara tyranny is coming to an end. Like I said the “times are a changing” and some people like yourself cannot accept that fact.

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