AWARDS: Best and Worst of the Week — Local Businesses and the 49ers

By Robert Haugh

The Good —The Leg Drop Award:

Today, more local businesses can open up according to a new County order. So let’s take a moment to thank the businesses and workers who have been working hard to serve us with this week’s award.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

The 49ers are trying to get the City to pay for VIP buffets for NFL games going back 6 years. No kidding. But the City is saying no way.

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  1. Thank you to all the businesses that have been open and to all those employees that have been there for all of us for our everyday needs. Thank you grocery store clerks, truck drivers, cooks, Doordash, field workers, delivery drivers, City of Santa Clara employees, our police, firefighters and healthcare workers. The list is very long, thank you for everything you have done for our community.
    Special thanks goes out to the Mayor and council members O’Neill and Watanabe for giving out masks and meals around Santa Clara as well as Vice Mayor Karen Hardy and councilmember Chahal for getting masks to those in their districts. Thank You to the Santa Clara Community Coalition and Harbir Bhatia for your dedication from making PPE, story time for the kids and a food pantry.
    Our city will rebound, our county, state and nation will rebound. We are Americans, We are Californians, We are Santa Clarans we will come out of this stronger than ever.
    Time to step up and support our small businesses more and more.
    Go Santa Clara County!

    #SantaClaraStrong #SantaClaraCounty #Rebound #America

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