Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Police Chief Pat Nikolai Commit to Action on Use of Force

By Robert Haugh

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Police Chief Pat Nikolai made a video statement about police use of force. It’s about 2 minutes long.

They committed Santa Clara to to the following four actions:

Gillmor has signed on to President Barack Obama’s “Commit to Action” pledge to address police use of force policies in cities.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo has also signed the pledge.


  1. Thanks for looking into a longstanding problem, and hopefully we have screening of racist as a means of prevention . Also, in regards to action please make sure they do not use choking or profiling of people of color.

    Also, can we change the name to Peace Officers and have traffic lady (vs Poilce) or man handle all forms of vehicle tickets (including processing). Speeding cars can be handled by those ticket cameras at intersections.

    Santa Clara is a nice city as of date.

  2. Patty is going to have to learn to impersonate your voice for credibility. You were there representing yourself, the representative already spoke. Yeah we know you’re gay, congratulations. Being a white male you need some edge, we know it’s not your career or resume.

    2020 0-3

  3. Okay so it was an audio bomb. When Patty isn’t speaking for him, he doesn’t come across well. Doh!

    • maybe patty was busy speaking for raj what a show he put on today.

    • I will say it again like i have before…Nameless people are cowardly and often homophobic or racist.

      Audio bomb? lol….. I was actually representing the LGBTQ+ community in Santa Clara…. for a comment like that brings to mind how low will people go.

      Any word on the policy being changed ? The Mayor seems to be confused in her policy making, since they referenced the policy but then she said she was in charge and had the power to make things happen. Why didn’t she flex that power when Vice Mayor requested it, especially with ample time !

      Sounds political…. ain’t this a time to put politics aside the the common good ?…. Guess not

  4. Lisa and Pat, Thank you,thank you. This is the way to solve this problem of abuse. We have to start at every city and go up. To try to start at the top, will take forever and will probably not work. I am so proud of you both.

  5. Mayor Gillmor, Chief Nikolai
    Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

    Chief Nikolai could you have picked a more difficult time to take over leadership for our City? I speak for many of us, let us know how we can help you through this tough transition period.

    Burt Field

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