Police Department to Investigate Retired Captain in eBay Harassment Scandal

By Robert Haugh

Six former eBay employees are accused of a campaign of harassment against a Massachusetts couple.

The couple apparently wrote critical things about the company in their online newsletter.

One of six employees is former Santa Clara police Captain Brian Gilbert.

He went to work for eBay after retiring from the department two years ago.

The Santa Clara Police Department put out this statement yesterday:

In light of the recent federal charges against six former eBay employees, including retired Santa Clara Police Captain Brian Gilbert, the City of Santa Clara will conduct an independent third-party investigation to ensure that his actions and behavior while an employee were lawful and consistent with the expectations we have for all our employees. While we have no reports that indicate similar alleged behavior during his employment with the City, our investigation is being done to ensure that we maintain the public’s trust.

“I am shocked and saddened by what I’ve read about the federal indictment,” said Santa Clara Police Chief Pat Nikolai. 

“Integrity is one of our core principles and I want to ensure the public that we have systems in place to thwart this type of behavior.”

According to the department, the results of the independent investigation will be shared with the public.

Gilbert retired from the City on May 4, 2018. A review of his personnel file does not show any prior disciplinary action.

Gilbert and two other retired Captains Steve Buress, and Phil Cooke wrote an opinion piece for this website in October 2019.

They endorsed then-Lieutenant Nikolai for Police Chief over then-Assistant Chief Dan Winter.

Winter recently announced his retirement. 

Like Gilbert, Winter said he was moving into the private sector to work on security. 

Winter will be the security operations manager at Intel.

Andrew Lelling, U.S. attorney for Massachusetts, held a news conference Monday to announce the charges against the six former eBay employees.

He said the couple received boxes full of live cockroaches and spiders. 

They were also mailed a pig fetus and books about surviving the death of a spouse.

Lelling said an eBay executive wanted to “crush” those responsible for the newsletter.


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  2. Why did the brand x valley voice post the perp’s picture in uniform? He hasn’t been on active duty for 3 years. No doubt there was a reason for it. No other news reports I found included a picture of any of the six defendants. Even the SJ Murky News, not a real close friend of Santa Clara, didn’t have any pictures, let alone in full uniform.

  3. How much arrogance does it take to think you can get away with this crap? Apparently they had enough to try. Glad it blew up on them. (Assuming of course they are guilty.)

    • Perhaps they published his picture because he broadcast the couples personal details address the home etc all over the Internet and worse!

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