Silicon Valley Power to Offer $10,000 Grants to Help Santa Clara Businesses Fund Energy Efficiency During Covid-19 Pandemic

By Robert Haugh

Silicon Valley Power will give Santa Clara businesses up to $10,000 to fund energy efficiency.

The goal is to help Santa Clara small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant Program has approximately $1 million in funding from the public benefits program budget and is expected to provide grants to between 100 and 150 business customers in Santa Clara,’’ said Mayor Lisa Gillmor.

The City released a video of Gillmor announcing the program.

You can get more info on SVP’s website.  Here are the programs eligible for funding:


  1. Looks like the residents of Santa Clara won this round. We got 5% more affordable housing units in Phase 2. That’s a pretty good deal for 43 Santa Clara families who struggle to get by. Perhaps some City employees might benefit from these additional units.

  2. Patty, How will you vote today on the Gateway Crossings Project? You resigned, Remember!

    It’s obvious you have a family feud with Lisa and her family. You and your group of second rate minions are destroying a great legacy and embarrassing you and your family.

    I admit I am having fun although it’s at other people’s expense. You don’t seem to care about your candidates as you are happy to run them through the mud for your own personal feud.

    Perhaps their allegiance will fade when after the 2020 election their records are 0-X.

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