City Council Preview: Light Agenda for City Council After 4th of July

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s City Council meeting is light, but has several interesting items. Here’s some highlights:

  • Verbal Report from City Manager regarding COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Follow-Up Information and Possible Council Action on the Written Petition for Traffic Calming Measures along Briarwood Drive
  • Public Hearing: Action on an Amendment to Development Agreement for Gateway Crossings project at 1205 Coleman Avenue


  1. Mommy Becker. Youre talking out your ass. Robert has never commented with a alias name. He doesnt need to he has immature ***holes like myself commenting. Becker is not qualified to run for any seat. I hope you aren’t going to throw the gay card cause that’s like the 10th thing wrong with him. So simmer down CaptainSaveSon

    Editor’s Note: comment edited to remove vulgarity.

  2. This page is about “Santa Clara News” as mentioned in the page title… this is not the place for personal opinions if this were a true news source. Please take your personal opinions on your own social media outlets.
    Thank you.

  3. Robert, thanks for keeping us in the loop. What must be pointed out here is that you printed this Mothers comments. In truth, you didn’t have too. It’s your publication and these were not kind words to you, or about you. Here’s a news flash…not all local publications would have printed that response. I applaud you for doing so.

    Burt Field

    • Mr. Field

      What you speak of is called censorship. If someone that runs this website writes hateful things you should be able to call them out and not screened. Others news sites allow for it.

      But then again you are loyal to the cause

      More and more people are realizing this blog is the Lisa Gillmor Fan Club that does nothing but spreads lies. The membership for this fan club must have bylaws that state you must slander any Gillmor opposition even if that person has done nothing wrong.

      Why are you all afraid of change and new faces that are not loyal to the cause. Why is Gillmor and her allies afraid to work together? Does Anthony scare you all that much because he relates to a majority of people?

      Mr. Haugh

      I would love to believe you but you gave yourself away in the comments, better delete that evidence 😉


    • I will repeat once again, I only comment as myself. You can think what you want. That’s on you. I believe in freedom of speech. Other local media outlets have not allowed/published letters and/or comments from opposing viewpoints. Comments are approved one by one. By only me. No one else has access to the comments or the site. I wish Anthony well in his candidacy.

  4. Patty can’t help you or your new friend who graduated high school almost 20 years ago.

    Please more theater, how about Grandpa Becker.

  5. What a horrendous chip on your shoulder you must have as you are extremely motivated and will stoop to anything.

    Trotting out Mom Becker is hysterical. Keep the characters coming though, I especially like the way you through the “ain’t” in there, I reckon. And “yellow journalism”, you should write for a comedy show.

    Only four more months rent.

    The good news is John McLemore’s wife is wise to you and your puppeteering.

    2020 0-3

    • I think most good parents would want to defend their children against vicious attacks. I hardly think she was “trotted out”. In any case, Anthony has a degree from a very well respected 4 year University: San Jose State. We have had members on our City council with much less than that. Sure Anthony struggles but that gives him a unique perspective that is rare for our City Council. Hopefully a lot of people who’s own kids are struggling in this economy can relate.

  6. I think the Gateway Crossings agreement will be very interesting. The developer has thrown so much money around it’s made groupy and people crazy like crack addicts.

    Not a great project and not a good way to do business. Ugly and messy. Wag the dog.

  7. David, Please describe my hate speech in detail. That has really hit a nerve with you. There is nothing there but I encourage you to enjoy your anger. You can support Anthony but you can’t vote for him.

    So now you want me to tell you why I think Anthony shouldn’t be elected? You must be his campaign manager. From a professional aspect, Anthony has no real career, has not had a job for more than 2 years, has no experience that’s applicable to the position, and is probably 6 months away from being homeless.

    Although Anthony has every right to run as a candidate for district 6, I just don’t believe he’s qualified. I would rather have someone that’s experienced with balance sheets, not checkbooks.

    It really doesn’t concern me if you agree or don’t agree with my position. As you know, you only need a pulse to run for public office.

    • A mother can only watch so many lies about her son before she has to say something.

      We all know the comments like these are you Mr. Haugh it is obvious now. It your attempt to show how classist, homophobic, slanderous, racist and desperate you can be. What I have come to realize is my son is bringing change and you good ole boys’ faction is afraid that their power is coming to an end.


      You do not provide facts to your yellow journalism. A real journalist actually calls the individual in question and asks for quotes or any sources related to the content the reporter is writing about. I may not have a college degree Mr. Haugh, but I worked for 30 years made a family and raised two stellar boys, I ain’t dumb. When I see your false stories and hateful comments it makes me as a mother concerned about the future of this country if what lies are spread here on a city level what can be done on a national level. That is evil. That is a loose cannon.

      Secondly he attacks a persons background. This is hypocritical Robert, because your background isn’t the best.

      My family worked for what we have, my son works for what he has. There were years where his father was sick, and he had to take care of him and put a lot of his life on hold.
      Anthony lost his father and since hasn’t skipped a beat in building his career and life by finishing college not once but twice in year and half 2016 and 2017. He worked full time and part time school then full-time school and part time work depending on how much can be accomplished.
      Anthony didn’t have a silver spoon; he had to work and pay his way through school. My husband and I at the time could not afford to send him to college.

      We were a middle-class family and tried to provide the best for our children. Yet Anthony paid for it through work and loans. Sometimes he would pick up side jobs like a waiter at night to make extra money.
      He did it on his own. My family earned what they have compared to those like the Gillmors who inherit wealth.
      As for experience on council, currently there are two council-members that lack the common experience deemed for council members. Go look at Debi Davis and Kathy Watanabe resumes and they don’t have the eye-popping experience and qualifications that gets most elected, they have money like Gillmor behind them, police unions and at same time the drive to win.

      Debi Davis whom he is running to replace has no career and really had no background to be a council-member yet she did it. That’s unfair of you to access that on Anthony because Anthony is in same category as Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Watanabe. Mr. Haugh it is very insulting to Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Watanabe. To me that is a little misogynistic.

      Anthony works hard for his campaigns, his community and his family. He represents real grassroots and not backed by big dark money liked your favorites on council.

      We all know that you are Mayor Gillmor’s news source. I am not afraid to call that out. It is unfair bias.

      This blog is full of hate and full of why Santa Clara is rotting at its core. Here my son is out there fighting for a better future for the city he was born in. You spread lies that have no grounds. You tear down working class heroes in favor for privileged individuals. Look what he has done on planning commission, look at what he works for and the efforts he makes to help with housing that is affordable for everyone.

      Open your eyes and look in the mirror Mr. Haugh before you judge anyone. Before you write your next hit piece or your next vulgar comments, how about you actually ask the person you demoralize before you leap. It is common sense.

      One day you will realize the hateful things you do

      What you do here is everything that wrong with politics

    • Virginia,
      I only comment on here as myself.
      Thank you for your comment and your thoughts.
      I don’t believe I’ve ever written anything vulgar about Anthony Becker.
      Others have said things, but those are their words, not mine.
      Best of luck to your son in the coming election.

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