City Council Preview: Courthouse Relocation and More

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Santa Clara City Council meeting features many topics:

  • Closed session kicks off at 3:30 p.m. with a Conference with Real Property Negotiators regarding the Purchase/Sale/Exchange/Lease of Real Property (provisions, price and terms of payment) of 37 properties.
  • Recognition of Outstanding Community Service by Local Business Water Spring
  • Verbal Report from the City Manager regarding COVID-19 Pandemic and Presentation of Healthy Meals CPOD Video
  • Public Hearing on CARES Act Funding in the Amount of $1.59 Million and San José Settlement Agreement Funds in the Amount of $5 Million and Related Budget Amendments
  • Discussion and direction on the possible relocation of Santa Clara County Courthouse located at 1095 Homestead Road, including authorizing discussions with the State of California Judicial Council. This was agendized after a compelling speech by Council candidate Bob O’Keefe last week. Relocating the Courthouse is a priority of the Reclaiming Our Downtown organization, which is pushing to revitalize the historic Downtown Santa Clara.

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