North Valley Baptist Church Demands County Waive Fines, Supervisor Ellenberg Won’t Take a Position

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara’s North Valley Baptist Church (NVBC) on De la Cruz Boulevard has moved its services outdoors.

But it was done after the County threatened legal action against  NVBC, according to the Mercury News

The County has fined NVBC $112,750 for holding services indoors since August. 

Pastor Jack Trieber is not commenting to the press. But in a video a few weeks ago, he demanded that the fines be waived. “This is not Caesar’s money. This is God’s money,” Trieber said.

Supervisor Susan Ellenberg represents Santa Clara and the location of NVBC on the County Board of Supervisors. But she refused to comment for this story.

Instead, her staff said the public should watch a video she posted on Facebook.  It’s about three minutes long and features a cute dog. 

Ellenberg doesn’t address the NVBC issue directly. But she makes a general statement about the importance of religious freedom. 

Ellenberg also said the County has the right to set up public health rules and religious services should be outside.

According to our County sources, this issue has been discussed in the Board of Supervisors’ executive session. 

Ellenberg wants to take a low profile on something this controversial in her district. “She’d prefer to have County Counsel (James Williams) out front on this,” one County source said.

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