Jed York Now Spending $1.4 million for Becker, Bhatia, Jain, and Park to Control City Council

By Robert Haugh

On Wednesday, Jed York contributed another $300,000 to elect four people to the City Council.

Adding to his contributions from last week, York’s total now is $1.4 million. Wow. Somebody doesn’t need a stimulus check.

York is trying to take control of the City Council by electing Anthony Becker (District 1), Harbir Bhatia (District 4), Suds Jain (District 5) and Kevin Park (District 6).

People in Santa Clara have reported seeing TV commercials that started last weekend for the four candidates.

Some of our neighbors got phone calls asking them if they supported Jain.

Recently, text messages started arriving on the phone of Mission City voters from people they don’t know using generic first names like “Oscar.”

In the four council races, only about 20,000 households have likely voters for this November election according to information from the political data firm PDI. That means York is currently spending approximately $70 per household. 

We’re not sure how he can spend all that money on just TV, mail and text messages.

We hear a famous Santa Claran is trying to get York to mail copies of his book to Mission City voters. We’ll see if that’s a good move.

Jed York
49ers CEO Jed York


  1. Hilarious. You all voted for Measure J when you knew this would happen (Burt Field), and now you’re crying? Seriously? 😂

  2. No he doesn’t need a stimulus check. A lot of people do. This is a waste of money. I’m voting against all his candidates.

  3. I can’t imagine the payback to Jed York if one of these sponsored candidates actually wins. That’s a lot of pressure. Most of these candidates have lost a couple times already and are pretty desperate. Looks like a formula for corruption.

    Jed wants what he wants!

  4. No surprise… this is nowhere near the final number, this is going to continue to grow.

    Why? First off this is not about supporting minority candidates, or looking to help diversify our current City Council, that is just a smoke screen.

    Fact, Mr. York never spent a dime supporting any such candidates prior to his company losing the contract to manage the Stadium events. Huge lose of revenue to his company, but a bigger embarrassment to him and his company.

    Fact, To lose a contract like this is no small feat. Some pretty big missteps were taken to have his company lose control of running the stadium.

    Fact, the current City Council and Mayor are the ones that pulled that contract.

    So are we to just believe that this is all just a coincidence that he NOW wants to support minority candidates or to help diversify or City government? If so, think again. This is 100% about opportunity, and I believe all stops will be pulled out to make this election go his way. To him this must go beyond business, I believe it is now personal.

    Great thing is… we have a vote in that manner.

    Mr. York is not your friend, he is not your neighbor, he is 100% a businessman.

    I’m proud to be a lifelong resident of this City. I’m proud to have raised my children in this City. Hope you feel the same way.

    Burt Field

    • The difference, J. Byron Fleck, is that you’re sitting on your high horse yelling “I TOLD YOU SO!” while Burt and Mayor Gillmor and Councilmembers Kathy Watanabe and Debi Davis are actually admitting their mistake and trying to correct course. It takes courage to admit you were wrong.

      Your “I TOLD YOU SO!” is just your ego speaking. Instead of snubbing your nose and rolling over, why not continue the good fight you and many others opposed to Measure J did?

      The past informs us of how we got here. What we do NOW tells us how our future will look.

      To Jed York and the 49ers: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

      Go out and VOTE!

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